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Overplayed Criticism for TFA

To the Editor: After reading Bridget McElroy’s article, “A Valuable Lesson for Teach for America” [The Hoya, A3, Feb. 28, 2014] I thought it imperative to share my own perspective as a teacher and 2013 member of Teach for America. First, please don’t tell me what I fail to consider[Read More…]

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Unequal Rights in Palestine

To the Editor: In her article “Let’s Call It What It Is, And It’s Not Apartheid” (The Hoya, A3, Feb. 28), Kate Hopkins brings up an important point: The separation wall between Israel and Palestine does not constitute apartheid. It is a sign of occupation. I agree with the sentiment[Read More…]

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Dress Code Restricts Opportunities

To the Editor: Last Friday, during the Cawley Career Center’s Government & Nonprofit Career Expo, I was denied entrance because of my “inappropriate and unprofessional attire.” I was wearing a white blouse, dark-wash jeans and leather boots and planned to stop by the fair on my way to Georgetown University[Read More…]

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Recognizing Our Student-Athletes

To the Editor: Re: “An Airball in Academia” [The Hoya, Feb. 4, A2] As President of the Student Athlete Advisory Committee, I felt the need to respond to this article in defense of our student-athletes. When athletes are recruited to Georgetown, they know they will be challenged with balancing vigorous[Read More…]

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On Georgetown’s Overreaction

To the Editor: The cascade of whining and ignorance written by nearly 300 Georgetown graduates and found on the university’s Facebook page in regard to my recent article on the citizen’s responsibility to protect liberty is very interesting. It testifies as to just how close Georgetown is to becoming a[Read More…]

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Scheuer’s Difficulties With Reality

To the Editor: Re: “Scheuer Upholds Assassination Call” (The Hoya, A1, Jan. 14, 2014) One sympathizes with Dr. Michael Scheuer’s difficulties in dealing with reality. A life of service in one of our “intelligence” agencies is enough to render even the strongest of spirits — if I may use a term permitted by our intercultural[Read More…]

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NHS Still Mainly a Nursing School

To the Editor: As the chair of the department of nursing at the School of Nursing & Health Studies, I read with interest the opinion piece “A Timeless Mission, An Archaic Name” (The Hoya, A3, Jan. 14, 2014). While I appreciate the open dialogue about the school’s name and the author’s description of[Read More…]

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LRAA Is Bad Policy for DC

I am writing in response to Erin Riordan’s letter, “Support LRAA for Livable DC,” which wildlymischaracterizes the effect of the Large Retailer Accountability Act while attacking wages at Walmart. The author fails to mention that the LRAA does not apply to all residents.  Not even close. Workers at places like Starbucks, McDonalds, Exxon, Giant, Applebee’s, Safeway,[Read More…]

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Stewards On Campus an Issue of Equality

To the Editor: I learned from a college friend that the issue of the Stewards has reared its head again at Georgetown. As an undergraduate in 1988, I was working on an article about Fr. Joseph Durkin, S.J., for Blue & Gray magazine. Research related to the article made it clear to[Read More…]

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Game Day Events Biased Toward Males

To the Editor: The men’s basketball team’s win against Syracuse on Saturday was one of the best ways I can imagine to cap off my senior year. Unfortunately, the circumstances of two of the pre-game competitions will tarnish my memory of that great day. My female friend competed head-to-head against[Read More…]

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