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KHAN: When the Right Is Left Out

KHAN: When the Right Is Left Out

A true liberal arts education is meant to introduce students to a wide variety of thoughts, and professors are supposed to be the well-intentioned and informed mediators of discussion. However, it is very clear that, as stated by a New York Times reporter in 2010, a “professor is a label[Read More…]

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Administrators counteracted assertions that the McCourt School of Public Policy, opened in 2013, was overwhelmingly liberal.

McCourt School Defends Ideological Diversity

While questions of racial and socioeconomic diversity draw increased attention to universities around the country, ideological diversity has also undergone scrutiny. Although students have asserted a perceived liberal tilt at the McCourt School of Public Policy, administrators contested the claims. In a survey of more than 150,000 college freshmen conducted[Read More…]

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CORREIA: Cronkite: Biased and Better for It

CORREIA: Cronkite: Biased and Better for It

Ask anyone over the age of 40, and he or she will likely say that the last great American broadcast journalist was Walter Cronkite. From 1937 until 1981, Cronkite reported on many important events in American history; his most famous moments include his report of John F. Kennedy’s assassination and[Read More…]

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MAIN: A Willingly Submissive Party

MAIN: A Willingly Submissive Party

Over the last three decades, the American political climate has been engulfed by the shadow of Ronald Reagan, as the nation’s political decisions and mindset have taken place squarely in the camp of the right. Instead of arguing whether neoliberal economic policies and an erosion of governmental capabilities should be[Read More…]

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Commentator Calls for Collaborative Government

Commentator Calls for Collaborative Government

Talk show host Chris Matthews spoke about bipartisanshipand political cooperation in Lohrfink Auditorium Thursday evening. The lecture, “Making Politics Work,” was co-sponsored by the Georgetown University Lecture Fund and the Tanous Family Endowed Lecture Fund. Matthews, who is known for his hour-long talk show “Hardball with Chris Matthews,” opened the presentation by talking[Read More…]

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STIRRETT: Canadian Border Marks Ideological Divide

STIRRETT: Canadian Border Marks Ideological Divide

Some people call me a political schizophrenic. Back home in Halifax, I am a supporter of the Conservative Party of Canada, but in the United States, I identify with Democrats. The reason for this paradox is that the political spectra in these two countries are so different that being conservative[Read More…]

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Local Colleges Rated Liberal

Georgetown may be undermining its Catholic heritage as part of a broader liberalization trend at D.C. universities, says one report commissioned by Campus Reform, a conservative action network. Among D.C. universities surveyed, The George Washington University was rated most conservative, while Howard University was deemed the most liberal. The Catholic[Read More…]

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Liberal Politics Blur the Line Between Right and Privilege

The concept of rights once commanded respect as a central tenet of our constitutional republic. No longer. Liberals, consistent with their tendency to attack every institution of the American tradition, fail even here to pay any tribute to this time-honored bulwark of liberty. Rather than as fundamental staples which rise[Read More…]

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Somebody Help Me, I Think I’m Becoming a Libertarian

Ages ago, when I was an undergrad at Georgetown, I was a content, optimistic liberal. Yes, there were lots of terrible problems in the world, but I thought governments could and should help solve them. Libertarians were anarchists in camouflage, for whom governments were the problem, not the solution. The[Read More…]

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