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FILE PHOTO: JULIA ALVEY/THE HOYA | Georgetown College Dean Chris Celenza proposed that the university hire a new women's and gender studies director who has experience working in a WGST department at another school as part of the discussions surrounding the push for a WGST department.

WGST Activists Meet With Dean After 17-Month Push

Students and faculty met with Georgetown College Dean Chris Celenza to discuss considerations associated with expanding the women’s and gender studies program into a department March 21. The meeting came after students delivered a letter to Celenza’s office March 1 urging Georgetown to respond to a 2017 proposal advocating for[Read More…]

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Predicting Preregistration

Preregistration at any stage can be a very daunting process. Students often spend the entire preregistration period agonizing over which classes to take, which order to take them and how to formulate their schedule, followed by a period of self-doubt. Although Georgetown does a good job making preregistration less stressful[Read More…]

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In Defense of English Majors

I became an English major because I like to read. In this economy and at a college where most students have their eyes set on high-powered consulting or Wall Street jobs, deciding to have an academic subject inspired by a hobby printed on my degree probably doesn’t seem that well[Read More…]

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Major Decisions

As frustrating as it can be to have to answer the quintessential “college” question over and over, it’s worth pondering. Your major will take up a line on your resume, either impress or frustrate your parents, and give structure to the hours of your college years not spent partying away[Read More…]

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