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Prashant Desai

MEATLESS MENUS: Beefsteak Serves Bold, Simple Meals Worth Craving

Truth be told, I didn’t intend to review Beefsteak this week. I was heading to the Whole Foods in Foggy Bottom when, as underfed and overworked college students often do, I found myself craving a quick bite. On this particular evening, I was in luck: Right next to Whole Foods[Read More…]

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Veggie Burgers That Bleed

Veggie Burgers That Bleed

Finding a good veggie burger is tough. No, it’s not impossible — gone are the days when the vegetarian options were limited to Boca and black bean burgers. However, the veggie burger has always been more of a polite gesture than a serious attempt at anything, and finding one that[Read More…]

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