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SMITHSONIAN AMERICAN ART MUSEUM | David Levinthal's retrospective highlights the way in which he applies his characteristic lighting and focusing to address  many aspects of American pop culture and history.

Levinthal Challenges Idealized Notions of American Culture

Photographer David Levinthal uses figurines, doll furniture and other miniatures to meticulously piece together dioramas that recreate images — or imaginations — of American society. Employing important pieces of Americana, Levinthal seeks to represent collective and idealized notions of American identity with over 70 photographs. “American Myth & Memory: David[Read More…]

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@GRLAGEORGETOWN / INSTAGRAM | Even though the way a company sells its products differs, they all chase the fundamental principle of offering a curated and exclusive lifestyle.

Luxury Brands Sell Expensive Stories to Younger Markets

Walking down Georgetown’s busy M Street, tourists and residents alike ogle and peruse the countless high-end stores that dot the street and purchase anything from Chanel makeup to Michael Kors handbags. These luxury stores found throughout the neighborhood encapsulate modern luxury retail culture — a lifestyle filled with decadence and[Read More…]

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Summer Films Adapt Old Classics, Offer Entertaining Sequels

‘Rocketman’ – May 31 English director Dexter Fletcher, who worked as the second director of “Bohemian Rhapsody,” focuses his next biopic on the captivating life of musician Elton John. As the film navigates John’s remarkable talent and professional success, it also takes a more somber look at the realities of his[Read More…]

BUSBOYS AND POETS/FACEBOOK | Busboys and Poets is just one of the organizations that make spaces for sharing art while also emphasizing the important role of action within art.

Artists Form Communities in The District Through Spoken Word

Washington, D.C., is a hub for creative thought and expression through spoken word performances, from low-key open mics every night of the week to exhilarating formal competitions. Spoken word employs flowing metaphors and mellifluous alliterations to evoke emotions ranging from sorrow to joy. These performances, often based on personal experiences,[Read More…]

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MARVEL STUDIOS | Despite box office smashes like “Captain Marvel” and “Wonder Woman” that feature fictional women as protagonists such as Captain Marvel, above, countless women’s stories have been deemed unfit for film or television by an unreceptive and discriminatory Hollywood industry that is loath to center women’s experiences or cast women as leads.

Women’s Stories Limited by Industry Discrimination

When “Iron Man” hit theaters in 2008, it opened up the floodgates for the development of the Marvel cinematic universe. Since then, a steady stream of semi-annual, male-dominated superhero films granted the MCU its popularity and cultural relevance. But it was not until 20 films and 11 years later that[Read More…]

Sophia Nunn For The Hoya

Self-Expression Inspires Georgetown Fashion Trends

Red Square passersby are immediately struck by the wave of Georgetown students’ messages supporting or denouncing various causes scrawled across bricks and posted above their heads. Yet another, more subtle form of self-expression can be found by looking at the students themselves. A student’s wardrobe can reflect their background or[Read More…]

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Foggy Bottom and Downtown: Student Life Flourishes Alongside Performing Arts

Foggy Bottom and Downtown: Student Life Flourishes Alongside Performing Arts

Downtown Washington, D.C., has surprises for locals as well as tourists, and Foggy Bottom has more to offer District residents than just The George Washington University. These neighborhoods house quintessential D.C. destinations like the Kennedy Center and the Daughters of the American Revolution Constitution Hall, as well as lesser-known gems[Read More…]

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