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‘I Have Midterms, Mom’

For freshmen and sophomores, Georgetown’s Parent & Family Weekend, more colloquially known as Parents’ Weekend, is an eagerly anticipated fall event. But along with the joy at seeing family members comes the unavoidable, even if welcome, commitment of days that might normally be spent studying filled to D.C. sightseeing and[Read More…]

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Swapping Out the Textbooks for Netflix

Swapping Out the Textbooks for Netflix

Now that midterm season is behind us, it’s time to return to what’s really important: watching television shows on Netflix. Lucky for you, the temperature is dropping, giving you even less of an incentive to close your laptop and go outside. Now, you can maximize the amount of time you[Read More…]

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Midterm Mantra: Socks, Food and ‘Doctor Who’

Fall is a weird time of year here at Georgetown. The weather gods can’t quite decide if it’s autumn or not, Columbus Day has come and gone and the stress of midterms has even the most balanced and level-headed students twitching over their Red Eye in the Lau cubes at[Read More…]

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Keep Tests in Class Time

At Georgetown, the cold weather brings along with it something far more sinister: midterm season. For some students, the requisite stress and anxiety are compounded by the sheer logistics of college test-taking. While most professors hold exams during scheduled class time, others — like those who teach accounting, physics and[Read More…]

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Shifting the Political Course After Midterms

The silver lining of President Obama’s midterm “shellacking” may well be an improvement in political cooperation, as former President Jimmy Carter cautiously predicted in an interview with comedian Bill Maher two weeks ago. Until last Tuesday, Republicans could hurl criticism comfortably from the sidelines without actually having to harbor the[Read More…]

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GU College Dems Rally

The 2010 midterm election rally held at the Democratic National Committee headquarters brought in hundreds of college students, including members of the Georgetown University College Democrats, on Sept. 16. Over 20 GUCD members attended the event, where notable Democratic congressmen encouraged Democrats from all D.C. universities to support congressional campaigns.[Read More…]

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