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ALRAJJAL: Empowering Self and Others

ALRAJJAL: Empowering Self and Others

When I found out I got into Georgetown University, my mom and I held each other and sobbed our eyes out in my bed. We both felt the weight of a world come off us: her world of constantly trying to prove her worth to an often misogynistic Arab society[Read More…]

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GEORGETOWN BLACK STUDENT ALLIANCE/FACEBOOK | Minority and affinity organizations like Black Student Alliance create spaces for building community for students who might not feel represented within the wider institution. These organizations demonstrate the power clubs can have when driven by inclusivity, but they also recognize that community on campus should not be restricted to clubs.

Minority Groups Embrace Identity, Inclusion

Georgetown has been criticized in the past for club exclusivity on campus, yet students are still able to find groups that celebrate acceptance. Given the university’s status as a predominantly white institution, minority students are more aware of the need for inclusive spaces. Minority and affinity groups on campus, which[Read More…]

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