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John B. Carroll, who replaced J.J. in the fall, lives on 36th Street.

The Year in Brief

The past year saw everything from a new mascot to a multitude of snow days. Take a look at some of the biggest headlines on campus:   Georgetown University Student Association While this year’s Georgetown University Student Association pushed through policy changes and programming overhauls, it also had its tense moments,[Read More…]

The Academic Value of Hip-Hop

To the Editor: In his article “Hip-Hop Unworthy of Academia” (The Hoya, A3, April 1, 2014), Jerry D. Rassias thought himself worthy to write about how curse words make him squeamish, how egotism and consumption feed moral depravity and how hip-hop is therefore unworthy of academia. There are many who[Read More…]

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The Academic Value of Vulgarity

The Academic Value of Vulgarity

My U.S. literary history course deals very heavily with issues of race and culture in 20th-century America, and much of this discourse has been generated from works written by African-American authors. We have read Richard Wright, James Baldwin and Toni Morrison, among others. Oftentimes the discussion has been fraught with[Read More…]

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Hip-Hop Unworthy of Academia

Hip-Hop Unworthy of Academia

In light of Nas recently speaking at Georgetown, discussions about the significance of rap have picked up substantially. Many believe that rap’s lyrics should be openly taught, regarding the genre as an art form with literary merit. As Michael E. Dyson said during his conversation with Nas in Gaston Hall[Read More…]

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While Nas Charms the Crowd, Dyson Steals the Show

There’s no question hip-hop legend Nasir Jones was the headliner Thursday evening in Gaston Hall. It makes sense, then, why the audience murmured in surprise when “the greatest …” was first used to describe someone on stage other than Nasty Nas. “It’s an amazing opportunity in my career to be[Read More…]

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Rapper Nas, left, discusses the legitimacy of hip-hop in academia with professor James Braxton Peterson on Thursday in Gaston Hall.

Nas Talks Rap, Politics in Gaston

Hip-hop artists seldom shy from bravado, but moderator James Braxton Peterson, a professor of Africana studies at Lehigh University, began Thursday night’s event — featuring sociology professor Michael Eric Dyson and Nas — with deference. “It’s an amazing opportunity in my career to be here in Gaston Hall at this[Read More…]

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Nas’ Appeal to Academia

Yesterday’s conversation between sociology professor Michael Eric Dyson and rapper Nas captured the attention of the student body with a truly dynamic exchange in Gaston Hall. While the thrill of hosting a popular music artist added a new dimension to the traditionally political and academic guests who speak in Gaston,[Read More…]

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Dyson Discusses Highly Anticipated Nas Appearance

Michael Eric Dyson, a professor in the sociology department, will appear Thursday evening in Gaston Hall alongside legendary hip-hop artist Nas. Dyson spoke with The Hoya on Wednesday about where Nas, himself an acclaimed storyteller, fits within the story of hip-hop. Below is an edited transcript of the half-hour conversation.[Read More…]

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Setting the Stage for Nasty Nas

As New York City radio DJ Peter Rosenberg puts it, Nasir “Nas” Jones would belong on the Mount Rushmore of hip-hop. The legendary rapper from Queens, N.Y., is set to appear Thursday evening alongside Professor Michael Eric Dyson in Gaston Hall, where they will discuss the state of a culture[Read More…]

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