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Neuroscience professor Bill Rebeck received a $10,000 grant for Alzheimer's research.

Q&A: Neuroscience Professor Bill Rebeck Talks Future of Alzheimer’s Research

Bill Rebeck, professor of neuroscience at Georgetown, doesn’t normally win things — or so he says. Rebeck is one of three faculty recipients of the President’s Award for Distinguished Scholar-Teachers at Georgetown University this year, earning a $10,000 grant for three years to support his research of Alzheimer’s disease and[Read More…]

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SISODIYA: Achieving Flow, Maintaining Focus

SISODIYA: Achieving Flow, Maintaining Focus

We all recall times where we just hope we could zone in on the moment, focus on a given assignment without distractions, with the distilled clarity of Bradley Cooper’s character in the 2011 movie “Limitless.”  The reality is that we all have at some point achieved this state of consciousness.[Read More…]

Ayan Mandal

MANDAL: Dynamic Interests Push Science

In 19th-century Spain, a young boy who wished only to become an artistwas met by disapproval from his parents, who urged him to pursue a more practical career in medicine. Ultimately, he attended medical school and became a hugely successful scientist. But, there is an unexpected twist: The boy’s artistic[Read More…]

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Rewiring Thinking Through Travel

Rewiring Thinking Through Travel

Why do people travel? How is it beneficial? Each person has a unique story and motivation for traveling. I could write about the thousands of stories of people I have met here in my hostel, at each of my four jobs here in Buenos Aires, or out at a bar.[Read More…]

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Karen Gale poses with her daughter, Justine Underhill (COL ’11), who remembers her for her creativity and passion.

Pharmacology and Neuroscience Professor Dies at 65

Karen Gale, a professor of pharmacology and neuroscience at Georgetown for 37 years, lived her life as a mentor to her students, colleagues and daughters, with a devotion to fostering creativity, thinking outside of the box and promoting diversity wherever she went. Gale died Aug. 21 from cancer at a[Read More…]

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