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Breaking Ice And Finding Home

GAAP Weekend 2014: raining, cold, disgusting. A five-and-a-half hour car ride turned inexplicably into seven. All of the pieces for a terrible experience at Georgetown had aligned in some sort of cosmic joke. I had toured in July 2013 prior to applying; it was hot and humid, campus was deserted.[Read More…]

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The Loaded “Southern” Question

The Loaded “Southern” Question

I’m Alex and I’m from Alabama. “What’s that like?” It is a seemingly harmless, NSO-esque question that Northerners always ask whenever I reveal I’m from the South. But whenever someone tells me they’re from New Jersey, New York, or some other New England colony, I never think to ask: “What’s[Read More…]

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Depression for Freshmen Peaks Nationally

An increased amount of college freshmen reported feelings of depression in 2014, according to a study released Feb. 5 by the University of California in Los Angeles. The Cooperative Research Program at UCLA’s Higher Education Research Institute surveyed more than 150,000 students at 343 four-year colleges and universities as part[Read More…]

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Transfer students mingle in Dahlgren Quad during NSO. Transfers now have mentors to help ease their transition into Georgetown.

GUSA Mentors Transfers

The Georgetown University Student Association and its Transfer Council launched a mentorship program for incoming transfer students this semester. In June, 100 transfer students were assigned to 40 peer mentors who helped answer questions and ease each transfer student’s transition into life at Georgetown. Although all incoming transfer students have[Read More…]

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‘I Am Ready’ Should Do More

To the Editor: While I am encouraged to see that New Student Orientation now includes an education component on sexual assault (“Anchors Aweigh for NSO 2014,” A7, Aug. 26, 2014), I hope to see a continued and aggressive effort to combat this problem. Transparency and a clear message about the[Read More…]

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Author Dinaw Mengestu speaks at New Student Orientation’s Marino Workshop on Monday, for which one of his novels, “All Our Names,” was required reading for all incoming freshmen for the second time in four years.

Anchors Aweigh for NSO 2014

This year’s nautical-themed New Student Orientation, “Anchors Aweigh,” led by about 180 orientation advisors, began Aug. 23, featuring the new “I Am Ready,” a class-wide discussion about sexual assault on campus. The Sexual Assault Peer Educators and various members of the administration helped develop the “I Am Ready” program, which[Read More…]

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The Truth About the Hoya Saxa Moment

The Truth About the Hoya Saxa Moment

Last weekend, I went to my first full staff training with 179 other future OAs for this fall’s New Student Orientation. I congregated for several minutes in front of the ICC’s auditorium, made nervous small talk and awkward accidental physical contact with people around me, and, after several more minutes, was[Read More…]

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NSO Incorporates New Sexual Assault Training

This fall New Student Orientation will include a new mandatory training on campus sexual assault called “I Am Ready.” The program is the first of its kind to engage freshmen on the issue and inform them about on-campus resources for sexual assault and misconduct. Over the last year, students and[Read More…]

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A Choice to Conserve Beyond Water Week

Several years ago, Georgetown University administrators started considering the necessity of ensuring the sustainability of new buildings on campus. Just this past year, Georgetown opted to institutionalize the Office of Sustainability, illustrating the importance of this establishment. With continued information coming forward about the dire state of the environment, establishing[Read More…]

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DEARING & WEISS Privileged to Serve Our Community

DEARING & WEISS Privileged to Serve Our Community

During New Student Orientation training, we had the opportunity to participate in a workshop led by Kathy Obear, an organizational development consultant. In it,Obear engaged us in a dialogue on the topic of privilege and gave us a surprisingly inspired call to action. Typically, such workshops discuss privilege with the explicit purpose of[Read More…]

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