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Olympians Highlight Resilience in Face of Adversity

Olympians Highlight Resilience in Face of Adversity

Overcoming obstacles to achieve success is the most valuable aspect of competition, according to Olympians Charlie Buckingham (COL ’11) and Michelle Konkoly (COL ’15) in a talk in Copley Formal Lounge on Feb. 16. Konkoly won four medals at the Rio 2016 Paralympics, including two golds in the 50 meters[Read More…]

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SCATTERGOOD: It’s Time to Stop Roasting Rio and Start Applauding Our Athletes

Why complain when there’s so much to celebrate? Records have already been broken The Olympic Games take place in an athletic arena notorious for domination by men — only 25 of the 126 International Olympic Committee members and honorary members are women, and modern Games founder Pierre de Coubertin disparaged[Read More…]

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SCATTERGOOD: Team USA Olympic Preview

Much has happened leading up to the kickoff of the 2016 Summer Olympics, particularly the International Olympic Committee upholding the ban on Russia’s participation in track and field events this year. With the games only _ days away, here is what we can expect from Team USA, from household names[Read More…]

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SCATTERGOOD: Russia’s Track Team Benched for Doping

The USA is no stranger to the tradition of professional and amateur athletes’ use of performance-enhancing drugs, an issue that has discredited Olympic medalists, All-Star outfielders and other world champions over the years. Since Baron Pierre de Coubertin brought back the Olympic Games 120 years ago, only a handful of[Read More…]