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Carmen Livesay (COL '17) as protagonist Lexi and Katherine Pietro (COL '17) as her best friend Jessie

Black Theatre Ensemble Haunts With ‘Hookman’

From Georgetown’s Black Theatre Ensemble comes the hauntingly thought-provoking “Hookman.” Adapted from the show by playwright Lauren Yee, it follows Georgetown freshman Lexi, played by Carmen Livesay (COL ’17), as she learns what it means to grow up and face her inner demons. Black Theatre Ensemble strives to produce works[Read More…]

Facilitating Maintenance

Keeping a dorm room or apartment in working order is no small task. Many apartment ailments, from leaky ceilings to broken ovens, are not residents’ fault, and resolving them drains time for students and maintenance workers. Confusion at Georgetown about who is meant to fix what and when adds inefficiency[Read More…]

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DPS to Enforce Traffic Laws

Campus visitors and Jesuits on golf carts will need to pay close attention to a new initiative by the Department of Public Safety meant to address high incidences of on-campus traffic violations. The educational effort, which will be rolled out in three stages before DPS begins issuing citations for traffic violations this[Read More…]

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Collegiate A Cappella Hits a High Note

The D.C. A Cappella Festival — abbreviated as DCAF and pronounced like the coffee variety — returns to campus for its 21st year this Saturday. Don’t let the name fool you: The performance will give you goosebumps and a jolt of energy. The Phantoms and the GraceNotes organize the event to showcase some of the most talented and[Read More…]

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Evidentiary Standard Raised for On-Campus Incidents

The burden of proof for Code of Student Conduct violations will be raised to “clear and convincing evidence” for all on-campus incidents other than those involving sexual assault, Vice President for Student Affairs Todd Olson announced Thursday afternoon. The change will come into effect Jan. 1, 2013, and will not[Read More…]

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