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VIEWPOINT: Embracing Uncertainty

Pebbles of uncertainty litter the path of life. At every turn, every step, we encounter these pesky little rocks. Sometimes one of them makes its way inside your shoe and becomes a more obvious annoyance than usual. At the same time, these frustrations are an opportunity to determine our futures.[Read More…]

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VIEWPOINT: Championing Equity and Opportunity

I have always longed to teach. When former Secretary of Education John King Jr. spoke at Georgetown on Oct. 3 and, in his remarks, called on the audience to be “champions of equity and opportunity,” this idea resonated deeply with me. Still, as a low-income and first-generation college student without[Read More…]

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Viewpoint: District’s Need for Statehood

Why should Georgetown students care that Washington, D.C. citizens do not have full representation in Congress? Consider this: Of all the capitals in our world’s democracies, only Washington, D.C. is denied voting representation. As a D.C. citizen, I experience this firsthand. We pay federal taxes yet are not allowed to[Read More…]

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Colleges Must Create Equal Opportunities

Every March, students across the country fail to join elite higher-education institutions despite their hard work and intelligence. It is not because they were rejected; it is because they did not apply. While many of us followed in the blue and gray Hoya steps of our parents, or embraced the[Read More…]

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OWSIANY: Perfectly Middle Class?

OWSIANY: Perfectly Middle Class?

In the so-called ‘real world,’ I’m as middle-class as one can get. My household income, made up of a single ​ ​ parent white-collar salary and no other assets to speak of, hovers almost exactly at the national median. Money is an omnipresent concern, especially with the addition of college[Read More…]

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CARR: Increase Opportunity, Not Wages

No one should be treated better than the people that feed us. As much as Georgetown students love to complain about Leo’s, as freshmen and sophomores we bond over shared meals at our beloved O’Donovan’s on the Waterfront. Upperclassmen not lucky enough to be SEALs (or, “Seniors Eating At Leo’s,”[Read More…]

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College is a Temporal Beast We Can Conquer

When I chose to come to Georgetown, I knew full well that I was leaving behind everyone I had known from high school, which was even a swaying factor in my decision. It was going to be a fresh start no expectations, no presuppositions, just me as I am. We live[Read More…]

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