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Forgotten Female Figures

We are quickly approaching the end of March, and with it, the end of Women’s History month. The close of this month reminds me that, as a history major, I end up studying a lot of the same sorts of things. I often jokingly describe my major as “Dead White[Read More…]

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Drawing a Virtual Boundary

The world today is weird. We have taken our desire to share, to relate to others and to form relationships toward entirely unfathomable levels. It started with our generation — the so-called “millennials.” According to certain think pieces, it is our generation’s specific tendencies toward narcissism, materialism, apathy and laziness[Read More…]

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Guess Who’s Coming to This Epic Dinner

Recently, my dad was interviewed by our town newspaper because of his work on the board of the local YMCA. One of the questions he was asked was, “If you hosted a dinner party for eight, whom (living or deceased) would you invite?” His list consisted of my mom (for[Read More…]

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A Study in Failure: My Summer Foray into French

This summer, I did a lot of things. I worked as a hostess at a local chain restaurant, I interned at a local political campaign, I spent some quality family time in scenic Moose Junction, Wyo., and I discovered the single greatest television show to ever air on basic cable: “Storage[Read More…]

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Rock Out With My Guac Out: An Ode to Burritos

Moving from Southern California to the District last year wasn’t easy — schlepping an entire life’s worth of stuff in four suitcases, moving into my freshman dorm during a hurricane, learning that in D.C. any reported chance of rain means there will be water falling from the sky — but[Read More…]

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Because French Fries Are Better Than Pommes Frites

One thing I’ve noticed since migrating to the Hilltop is how many of my classmates have travelledinternationally. Without including the international students themselves — who would skew these conclusions even more — it seems almost everyone I meet and talk to has had at least some experience travelling, studying or even living[Read More…]

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