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MIHM | Patriots Outlast Rams, Win Record-Tying 6th Super Bowl Title

For the sixth time in 18 years, the New England Patriots are Super Bowl champions. On Sunday, the Patriots defeated the Los Angeles Rams to win the 2019 Super Bowl. With this sixth win, New England ties the Pittsburgh Steelers for the most championships among any franchise. At the helm[Read More…]

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SCHLARP: Going for Two Is More Beneficial

SCHLARP: Going for Two Is More Beneficial

All NFL fans in the past decade would agree that you shouldn’t model your organization off the Oakland Raiders. However, the Raiders may finally be doing something right despite their recent futility, and other NFL teams should take note. In week one, intrepid head coach Jack Del Rio coached the[Read More…]

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AUERBACH: Deflategate, Brady Could Go to Supreme Court

AUERBACH: Deflategate, Brady Could Go to Supreme Court

First, let me say this. I am not a Patriots fan. I do not like Tom Brady. I am frustrated by him as an athlete and despise him for being so good at what he does. However, I respect him as a player. NFL fans would simply be idiots if[Read More…]

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MAJD: In Twilight of Career, Brady Disproves Critics

A month ago, the Seattle Seahawks were the team to beat in the NFL, and the Arizona Cardinals were just another wild card contender. A month ago, Philip Rivers and the San Diego Chargers were legitimate rivals to the Denver Broncos in the AFC West. A month ago, Ben Roethlisberger[Read More…]

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NFL Benefits From Holdouts

For as long as I can remember, holdouts have been a huge part of the NFL offseason. A player who is unhappy with his contract decides to sit out mandatory offseason workouts; if he doesn’t get a new deal, sometimes he’ll miss games within the NFL season itself. Let’s look[Read More…]

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NFL Stance on Character Comes as No Surprise

On Monday, a Nebraska judge ruled that Patriots cornerback Alfonzo Dennard could stay free until sentencing, even though he had just admitted to violating probation. To understand the situation fully, it’s important to take a look at everything that has led up to this point: Dennard was the Patriots’ seventh-round pick in 2012, falling several[Read More…]

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Culture, Not Rules, of Football Must Change to Protect Players

My beef today is with both the NFL’s executives in their handling of big hits this season and the players’ reaction to the new rules about hitting. Two weekends ago, big helmet-to-helmet hits resulted in seven players leaving games with head injuries. For years now, these hits have been glorified[Read More…]

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