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PETROCHEILOS: The Dangers  of Generalization

PETROCHEILOS: The Dangers of Generalization

Mindless acts of terror do not surprise us anymore. The tragedy in London last Wednesday killed four people, among them an unarmed police officer, and injured 12 others: one German, one Pole, two Greeks, two Romanians, four South Koreans, one Irish, one Chinese, three French, one American and one Italian.[Read More…]

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Noah Taylor

Fighting for an Accessible World

In the fourth grade, we learned how to line dance. The boys and girls faced each other at the center of the gym, reaching out to each other with sweaty hands, skipping and twirling down the line. It was in this line that I first understood how truly different I[Read More…]

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A Fresh View of GUSA

Three weeks ago, I received an email that would change the course of my semester. Initially, I was puzzled; I had not filled out any applications for the Georgetown University Student Association or had any previous involvement with the group. During the first few weeks of New Student Orientation I[Read More…]

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At the Crossroads, Encountering Illusion

Georgetown was my dream school. I first stepped onto this campus six years and one week ago, amid a sudden thunderstorm. Our group of Los Angeles high school newspaper nerds, in town for a conference, immediately surrendered to the dictates of the downpour, and fled to the Leavey Center. There,[Read More…]

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How I Came to Georgetown

How I Came to Georgetown

I was speaking with a friend on Sunday when she asked how I was doing. It’s a question asked so often of us that we rarely give it a thought before offering up the standard answer. Great. Good. Fine. But there was sincerity in her voice that caught me off[Read More…]

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Next Stop: Up

I had just graduated from a prestigious high school at the top of my class. A few months later, I would be coming to Georgetown University, another competitive, selective and prestigious school. I thought I knew it all. I thought I found love. I thought I had this whole life[Read More…]

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This week (finally) marks the beginning of returning students migrating to campus. No matter how we spent our summers — at home, abroad, working or in D.C. — we all now come back to the place we share, understand and know. Regardless of how a summer is spent, I found[Read More…]

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Travelled Perspective

Travelled Perspective

In “Roughing It,” Mark Twain wrote: “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrow-mindedness.” I have been lucky this year to travel to places — both in the United States and abroad — that few other people have had the privilege to see. All this wandering has opened my mind[Read More…]

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The Same Difference

The Same Difference

My story has always been one of contrasts. I’m obsessed with oxymorons, the concept where apparently contradictory terms appear in conjunction. My time in the Philippines has been an oxymoron in itself — a study in blacks, whites and everything in between. I love the contradictions of Manila: the character,[Read More…]

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There Are Worse Things

There Are Worse Things

“The line is way too long. This is the absolute worst! It will take forever to get through this!” used to be my reaction.  Before I got sick, bemoaning traffic or agonizing over a torn dress seam was my natural response to the minor daily aggravations we all experience. When[Read More…]

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