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Potomac Conservancy launched a petition in July calling for Trump National Golf Club to replace 500 trees removed from the riverbank during its 2010 construction and has since garnered more than 6,000 signatures.

Petition Targets Trump Golf Club

Environmentalist group Potomac Conservancy launched an online petition this summer in protest of Trump National Golf Club’s 2010 decision to remove 465 trees along the Potomac River, claiming this construction has severely damaged the surrounding environment. Donald Trump, a leading Republican presidential candidate and businessman, purchased 800 acres from Loudoun[Read More…]

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50 years after President Johnson instigated efforts to clean up the polluted river, the Potomac remains tainted by the District’s sewage.

Pollution Persists in Potomac River

After years of unchecked sewage flowing into the Potomac River, President Lyndon B. Johnson called the river “a national disgrace” in 1965. Although efforts to clean up the river have improved the quality of the water, continued concerns about its cleanliness prompted conservationists to add a little sparkle to the[Read More…]

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A Different Neck of the Woods

A Different Neck of the Woods

Omar wears his life on his face. Swollen cheeks and a slightly crooked nose are the remnants of a boxing career that ended abruptly in 1995. Deep wrinkles run through his forehead, a testament to years of heavy drinking. Razor burn lines his jaw, the product of rusty disposables that[Read More…]

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Admins Seek GU Boathouse

Georgetown will receive a verdict from the National Park Service on the possibility of building its own boathouse on the Potomac River — an initiative that has been in flux since the 1980s — by the end of the calendar year. According to university spokeswoman Stacy Kerr, Georgetown’s primary objective is to[Read More…]

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Potomac at its Cleanest in 60 Years, But Far From Pristine

Once deemed a national disgrace by President Lyndon Johnson, the Potomac River is showing signs of improvement after decades of trying to decontaminate the murky waters. A study released by the U.S. Geological Survey revealed that despite the Potomac’s still unsightly appearance, the water quality has improved enough for native[Read More…]

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