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Mintwood is a modern hipster bistro that serves impressive food at every meal. The Belgian waffles are powdered with sugar and served with fresh fruit toppings, making for a refreshing, sugary brunch.

At Upscale Joint, Taste Comes at Too High a Price

Mintwood Place is the Starbucks of Washington, D.C. fine dining: worthwhile yet overpriced, casual while still sophisticated, exuding overcooked hominess with a hint of wannabe-hipster flavor. Adams Morgan, brimming with 19th-century row houses and non-ironic salsa bars, mirrors Mintwood’s trendy aesthetic and decor. Given its location in the “hot,” culturally[Read More…]

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Pricey Parents’ Weekend

On the surface, scheduling a weekend for parents of students to visit the Hilltop and reunite with their children seems like a thoughtful gesture from the university. After all, what better way to thank parents for paying roughly $60,000 in tuition fees than to present them with the dividends? The[Read More…]

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