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SAMUEL NELSON/THE HOYA | Ryan O'Sullivan's (MSB '19) Snapchat post containing racial slurs was publicly exposed on Twitter in January 2017, but he remained an employee at the East Campus Residence Hall Office for nearly two years after the incident.

University Response to Bias Incident Frustrates Students

The practice of calling out offensive speech on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook has raised the stakes of having a digital footprint — not only for individuals who express bigotry, but also for the institutions responsible for holding them accountable. Screenshots of Ryan O’Sullivan’s (MSB ’19) Snapchat posts[Read More…]

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District of Columbia Public Schools released private information about students experiencing homelessness on the D.C. Council’s website, which is associated with Councilmember David Grosso (I-At Large)

Students’ Private Information Published on DC Council Website

Washington, D.C.’s public school authority mistakenly posted the personal information of 2,000 students experiencing homelessness on a website run by the D.C. Council, where the data remained for seven months before its removal Aug. 9. Posted by District of Columbia Public Schools on Feb. 5, 2018, the information included names,[Read More…]

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MOINUDDIN: Simple Promises, Complex Realities

MOINUDDIN: Simple Promises, Complex Realities

Last week, Facebook CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg travelled to Capitol Hill to testify regarding the company’s knowledge about political consultancy firm Cambridge Analytica, which improperly accessed and obtained the information of more than 50 million Facebook users. He spent two days giving testimony to Congress, answering questions ranging from[Read More…]

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GULC Report Proposes Police Database Oversight

Across the nation, law enforcement agencies are using facial recognition networks containing the photographs of about half of American adults, posing potential privacy and civil liberty violations, according to an Oct. 18 report released by the Center on Privacy and Technology at the Georgetown University Law Center. The study calls[Read More…]

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Cybersecurity: Your Priority in a Dangerous Digital Age

Cybersecurity: Your Priority in a Dangerous Digital Age

While Americans are still processing the fate of our country after the first presidential debate earlier this week, the FBI is investigating yet another major cyber security breach. This time, the targets of the attack were the cellphones of an undisclosed number of Democratic Party staffers. While these breaches have[Read More…]

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FLEMING-KLINK: Criminal Justice Reform, One Box at a Time

For those seeking to enact criminal justice reform and policies aimed at increasing the chances of employment for ex-offenders, referred to as returning citizens, there exist particular policies normally discussed as ‘banning-the-box’. Such policies require employers to remove the box on employment forms that applicants are asked to check if[Read More…]

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Gaby Mas/The Hoya
Former NSA employee Edward Snowden commented on issues dealing with cybersecutiy and privacy, inlcuding the FBI’s recent legal battle with Apple over iPhone security.

Snowden Speaks On Security Issues

American whistleblower Edward Snowden, wanted in the United States for leaking classified National Security Agency information in 2013, emphasized the importance of privacy and downplayed the national security risks of his document leak in a virtual interview from his asylum in Moscow, Russia in Lohrfink Auditorium on Thursday. During the[Read More…]

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MANDAL: How Healthy Is Privacy?

The Google Life Sciences Division is up to something powerful and concerning. A newly independent sector of the transformed Alphabet, a multinational conglomerate and Google’s parent company, Google Life Sciences attracts top scientists from across America, seeking the company’s extensive funding, experience with big data and lack of bureaucracy. Additionally,[Read More…]

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A panel discussed European internet privacy laws on Monday.

Panel Discusses EU Privacy Law

A panel of experts debated the European Court of Justice’s ruling about the right to be forgotten online at an event called “An Evening Not to be Forgotten” hosted by the university’s communication, culture and technology program in the Walsh Building on Monday evening. The European Court of Justice ruled[Read More…]

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