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Reading Into Academics

It is a curious phenomenon that at one of the most intellectually rigorous universities in the country, reading doesn’t count for much. Understandably, in the flurry of midterms, papers and extracurricular activities, assigned readings often get pushed to the bottom of many students’ to-do lists. But considering that much of[Read More…]

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Professors Caught Amid Town-Gown Tension

Professors Caught Amid Town-Gown Tension

Georgetown professors who live near campus in West Georgetown and Burleith seem to be caught between two opposing worlds. What Mayor Vincent Gray at an Oct. 3, 2011, Advisory Neighborhood Commission 2E public meeting dubbed Georgetown’s “creeping presence” into the surrounding area has drawn scores of complaints from aggrieved neighbors. According to Anna von der Goltz,[Read More…]

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For Alumni Turned Professors, Continuity Amid Change

For Alumni Turned Professors, Continuity Amid Change

Professors at Georgetown who also call the university their alma mater are relatively rare. But for the alumni who do go on to become part of the Hilltop’s faculty, Georgetown provides a home for the natural progression from student to teacher, despite the sometimes overwhelming changes the campus has undergone[Read More…]

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Faculty Honored At Convocation

Georgetown honored 15 recently tenured or promoted faculty members at the Fall Faculty Con-vocation ceremony Wednesday afternoon in Gaston Hall. The faculty members are from multiple schools and departments within the university. “Through your work, your scholarship and your teaching, you have helped to enrich our tradition and deepen our[Read More…]

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GU Tenure Requirements Clear, Consistent Across Schools

For many professors, achieving tenure is the holy grail of an academic career. But it is not an easy position to obtain — or to grant. Unlike associate or adjunct professors, who must normally renew contracts on a yearly basis, tenure-track professors are granted a seven-year probationary contract, after which[Read More…]

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Open Door Policy Unlocks Minds

It’s not really office hours if you have to schedule an appointment. We recognize that our professors face growing research and administrative demands. Their schedules, like ours, fill up quickly. For those who travel, maintaining regular weekly hours may prove difficult. But holding office hours by appointment only is not[Read More…]

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Reading Between the Lines: The Cost of Textbooks

Any economics textbook will tell readers that it’s not cost effective to buy a $250 book for one semester when the previous version is available at half the price. Textbook requirements place students in a financial bind, as total costs for some can exceed $1,000 in one semester, and no[Read More…]

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Professors Take Their Lectures Online

Professors in the McDonough School of Business are expanding their usage of technology that records and posts their lectures online in an initiative that may soon spread across campus. According to John Carpenter, chief technology officer for the MSB, 53 professors have used a technology called MediaSite to record over 600 lectures since[Read More…]

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Till Class Do Us Part: Married Faculty Balance Work, Home Lives

Till Class Do Us Part: Married Faculty Balance Work, Home Lives

Kathryn Olesko and Wayne Davis have many things in common. Both professors hold leadership positions within their respective departments. Both are heavily involved in the campus community. But what many of their students never knew is that they have been married for more than three decades. There are at least[Read More…]

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Faculty  Diversity  On the Rise

Faculty Diversity On the Rise

Following a university working group’s recommendation to increase the hiring of diverse faculty members, the percentage of minority faculty members on the main campus has jumped from 12 to 14 percent in 2011. Since the beginning of this year, the university has hired seven minority faculty members, according to Vice[Read More…]

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