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Faculty Pay Increases Lag Behind DC Cost of Living

While Georgetown professors’ salaries are on the rise, some faculty members say the increase may not be enough to combat the high cost of living in the nation’s capital. Over the past ten years, the salary for all levels of professors has increased: Salaries have jumped by $51,500 for full[Read More…]

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Campus Questions Validity of Ratemyprofessors Rankings

Georgetown was recognized Monday as the 13th highest-rated university in the nation by for 2011. Many faculty and students received the news with the same cloud of suspicion that surrounds the website’s popular professor rankings, however. provides the largest collection of college professor rankings online and is visited[Read More…]

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Tenure Track: The Path to Permanency

For Georgetown’s tenure candidates, making the jump to permanent status comes with its fair share of hurdles — but administrators say a standout guidance process is the key to an acceptance rate of more than 50 percent. The rigorous tenure application system, an entrenched component of most research universities across[Read More…]

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Professors Join Gray’s Team

Just days after handily winning the D.C. mayoral election, Vincent Gray named a group of advisers to help him through the transition period before his inauguration. And at least four members of the team have ties to Georgetown. Gray won the general mayoral election on Nov. 2, after defeating incumbent[Read More…]

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Faculty Hiring Process Lacks Uniformity

As the admissions cycle heats up, high school seniors aren’t the only ones vying for sought-after spots at universities like Georgetown. Often, the procedure for selecting their next instructors can be just as complex. While some universities have turned to the national ranking of an applicant’s alma mater when hiring[Read More…]

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`Friending’ Faculty: Professors Log On

Generally, Facebook relates to school only when students sit in the back of the classroom, smoothly transitioning from laptop note-taking to an in-depth look at friends’ latest updates. But as faculty have learned of social media’s possibilities, a growing number of instructors are asking students to log on for class[Read More…]

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A Right to Know

Navigating the murky waters of pre-registration has become clearer with the advent of MyAccess. The system still falls short, however, during the period between pre-registration and the start of the semester. yAccess takes into account the fact that subject matter is not the only factor students consider when choosing a[Read More…]

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Faculty Compensation Largely Stable in 2009

Faculty pay and compensation at Georgetown were relatively stagnant last year, as professors’ salaries around the country increased at a historically low rate. Full professors at the Georgetown University’s main campus and Law Center made an average of $155,500 last year, a decrease of $400 from the year before, according to a[Read More…]

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Book Writing an Addiction for Professors

Well, I just finished another book. “Finished” is a bit of a euphemism, since I really only finished a draft that is now ready be read by my peers — hopefully without embarrassing me too seriously. But that is really the key milestone in producing a book — having a[Read More…]

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Tenure Track Isn’t Always Smooth, But It Works

Students at Georgetown — and at most universities — study with a variety of types of professors: tenured profs, tenure-track profs, visiting profs, distinguished profs in the practice of whatever, adjunct profs, administrator-profs and teaching assistants. What does it all mean? At the core of any university in the United[Read More…]

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