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@REBECCAKATZ5/TWITTER | Rebecca Katz, director of the Center for Global Health Science and Security, which studies public health emergencies, will be co-director of a new infectious disease masters program.

GU Develops New Masters Program in Infectious Disease

A new masters program in global infectious disease is set to launch in fall 2019. The program intends to bridge the gap between the science of infectious diseases and its public policy implications, according to the program’s website. “Better integrating emerging infectious disease science concepts into political and social problem[Read More…]

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Program to Aid Natural Disaster Relief Efforts Wins at Hoya Hacks

Program to Aid Natural Disaster Relief Efforts Wins at Hoya Hacks

A group of students that created a program to aid relief efforts for natural disasters won $500 at the fourth annual Hoya Hacks, which lasted from Friday evening until Sunday afternoon. The 36-hour event invites undergraduates from any university to compete on teams to design projects and programs consistent with[Read More…]

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With 45% women, this year's incoming class in the McDonough School of Business Executive Master’s in Business Administration program boasts the highest percentage of women in the program's history.

MSB Master’s Program Accepts Highest Percentage of Women Ever

The McDonough School of Business Executive Master’s in Business Administration program reached its highest rate of female enrollment ever this year, with 45 percent female students. The 20-month program specializes in skills relevant to mid- to senior-level managers as they build on their experience and deepen their understanding of executive[Read More…]

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SIZEMORE-BARBER: Driving Visionary Feminism

On March 15, the women’s and gender studies program commemorated its 30th anniversary with a conference celebrating gender scholarship. Panelists and audience members alike discussed the paradoxical experience of being a feminist in the age of President Donald Trump — when every day seems to bring both energized outrage and[Read More…]

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Take Control of Your Transcript

A recent email announcing the departure of Chester Gillis as dean of the Georgetown College lists an impressive number of new minors and majors that were instituted during his tenure, including African American studies, justice and peace studies, journalism and business administration, to name a few. Yet, it seems that[Read More…]

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Follow the Jewish Studies Program Model

This week, Georgetown launched the new Center for Jewish Civilization, a significant expansion to the already existing program, buffered by a $10 million donation dedicated to Holocaust research. The Jewish studies program at Georgetown was founded in 2003 by the late Rabbi Harold S. White, a longtime Jewish chaplain on[Read More…]

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A Rotten Program

A Rotten Program

O’Donovan Hall serves around 3,000 students per week — slightly less than half of the student body — and receives a near-constant barrage of student criticism. Recognizing the poor reputation of Leo’s among students, Aramark has made efforts to incorporate greater student feedback to improve its services. These efforts will[Read More…]

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Fading Fluency

While wandering the lower floors of the ICC, it is common to hear a multiplicity of languages — from those poring over upper-level Arabic texts to a gaggle of introductory French students reviewing new vocabulary. Georgetown prides itself on the array of language programs available to students. With over 20[Read More…]

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Georgetown’s MBA Program Ranked 54th by Executives

Georgetown’s Master of Business Administration program scored the 54th spot in a new study of the top 150 international universities from which CEOs and chairmen of leading companies hire. After surveying business leaders from 10 different countries between Nov. 2010 and Jan. 2011, French consulting firm Emerging and German partner[Read More…]

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TFA Founder Addresses Program’s Educational Aims

Founder and CEO of Teach for America Wendy Kopp stressed the need to restructure the American public school system to a packed Copley Formal Lounge in an informal discussion Wednesday night. “There something daunting about that, but it’s why people who have figured out how to build whole schools that[Read More…]

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