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“A Mouthful of Birds” tackled the difficult issue of mental illness with physical performances from Omika Jikaria (SFS ’15), Mack Krebs (COL ’16) and Maddie Kelley (COL ’16).

Dramas Explore Psychological Conflicts

Behavioral and psychological questions are at the center of many of the issues facing our generation. This year, Georgetown theater productions dove into these complex concepts, working to expose and understand problems of varying intensity. The plays “Hamlet,” “A Mouthful of Birds,” “Proof” and “Doubt” explored the darker areas of[Read More…]

Theater Season in Review

Theater Season in Review

Emerging Actors The dawning of a new theater season comes with the difficulty of having just graduated experienced actors but also comes with the excitement of seeing actors bloom and step up to the plate. This year, we saw countless actors deliver impressive first performances or take advantage of an[Read More…]

Catherine, played by Katie Bellamy Mitchell (COL '15) and Hal, played by Sean Craig (COL '16) must team up to work out the mystery of her late father's life.

The Proof Is in the Production

Devoid of lavish set designs and elaborate arrays of props, director Emma Rice’s (NHS ’15) “Proof” captures the audience’s attention with a very different set of visuals. With a cast of only four actors, the play relies on a deliverance of dynamic, believable emotions to breathe reality into the story.[Read More…]

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A Focus on Presentation Puts Proof at the Top

A Focus on Presentation Puts Proof at the Top

Starting on Wednesday night, I ate my way through parents’ weekend. While we indulged at a number of notable restaurants around D.C., Proof easily surpassed the others. At first, my family and I were slightly skeptical when we stepped through the door. While we’d selected the restaurant based on The[Read More…]

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