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Former Basketball Star Committed to Jail on Sexual Assault Charge

Former Basketball Star Committed to Jail on Sexual Assault Charge

Security footage of Victor Page, a former Georgetown University basketball player, assaulting and attempting to rape his girlfriend’s 17 year-old daughter before neighbors intervened surfaced on TMZ on Jan. 19. Page was committed to the Prince George’s County Correctional Center on Jan. 5 on a charge of attempted first-degree rape.[Read More…]

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Carmen Livesay (COL '17) as protagonist Lexi and Katherine Pietro (COL '17) as her best friend Jessie

Black Theatre Ensemble Haunts With ‘Hookman’

From Georgetown’s Black Theatre Ensemble comes the hauntingly thought-provoking “Hookman.” Adapted from the show by playwright Lauren Yee, it follows Georgetown freshman Lexi, played by Carmen Livesay (COL ’17), as she learns what it means to grow up and face her inner demons. Black Theatre Ensemble strives to produce works[Read More…]

Sony: Don’t Let Kesha’s Career Die Young

For the past week, and for the first time in years, pop singer Kesha, best known for hit singles such as “Tik Tok” and “Die Young,” has been plastered across every form of social media I have visited. Not in the way I would have imagined, though, doused in glitter[Read More…]

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Student activists, including author Zoe Dobkin (SFS '16), back left, carry a mattress during October's Carry the Weight event, a day of sexual assault awareness at college campuses across the country.

I Stand With Willa, I Stand With Survivors

In the spring of 2013, Willa Murphy was violently raped by a fellow Georgetown student. It was such a traumatic experience that it took over a year after her rape before she was able to tell anyone, not uncommon for survivors. It was only in June 2014, after she had[Read More…]

What Rape at UVA and Domestic Abuse in the NFL Tell Us About Greed and Society

On Wednesday Nov. 19, a widely circulated Rolling Stone article told the story of a University of Virginia student’s brutal gang rape in a fraternity house. On Wednesday Nov. 19, the NBA suspended the Hornet’s Jeff Taylor for 24 games after he pleaded guilty to hitting and shoving a woman[Read More…]

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Perpetuating a Cultural Standard

Perpetuating a Cultural Standard

The recent Rolling Stone article about sexual assault at the University of Virginia has sent the Internet into a raging tailspin. Again. Everyone is disgusted by the brutality, shocked at the nonchalance of the administration, disheartened by the victim’s friends’ responses. Again. The cyclical nature of the Internet’s upheaval with[Read More…]

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The New Normal of Digital Age Harrassment

Earlier this month, a 16-year old girl was brutally gang-raped in India. One man held a gun to her head while another filmed the attack with his cellphone. Afterward, the men threatened the girl with the circulation of the video if she dared to tell anyone or ask for help.[Read More…]

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Rape Reporting Rises After Definition Change

The Metropolitan Police Department reported a significant increase in reported rapes last year, coinciding with the department changing its definition of rape to match FBI-Uniform Crime Reporting’s definition in January 2013. MPD’s previous definition of rape was “the carnal knowledge of a female forcibly and against her will,” which was[Read More…]

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Defining the Culture of Sexual Assault

Erin Cavalier, a rising junior at Catholic University, recently spoke to The Washington Post about being a victim of sexual assault. When it happened, she brought it to Catholic’s administration, which, after extended waiting and investigations, cleared the perpetrator. As the Postdescribes, “The board issued a verdict six days later,[Read More…]

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The Danger of Our Rape Culture

The Danger of Our Rape Culture

When it first occurred to me to write a viewpoint on the Steubenville rape case, I initially backed away from the idea. How much more could I say that hasn’t already been said? What more could I argue that isn’t already evident? I don’t want to spend time arguing that[Read More…]

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