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SOPHIA NUNN for THE HOYA Anne Burke, a justice on the Supreme Court of Illinois, said that civil authorities should have oversignt to ensure a cultural change occurs in the church in order to curb clerical abuse within the Catholic Church, at a Dahlgren Dialogue on Oct. 24.

Panelists Seek Change in Church Culture

Empowering lay members and changing church culture are necessary for the Catholic Church to address sexual abuse, panelists agreed at a discussion held in the Dahlgren Chapel on Wednesday. The panelists examined the best path forward for the Catholic Church in light of the sexual abuse allegations that have surfaced[Read More…]

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LEVY: Resilient in the Face of Disaster

LEVY: Resilient in the Face of Disaster

The Komodo dragon is no pushover; the reptile, native to Indonesia, is as fearsome as its name sounds exotic. Komodo dragons wrestle with each other as fiercely as they do tenaciously. They are enormously strong and can inflict disastrous wounds on each other. But the losers in such bouts are[Read More…]

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Entitled “After the Crisis,” photojournalist Sara May's exhibit features photos from her travels to Sierra Leone and offers an intimate look into everyday life, documenting the struggle of the human subjects as they adapt to life without the loved ones they lost to Ebola.

Photojournalist Examines Post-Ebola Life in Sierra Leone

Photojournalism has the power to raise awareness for otherwise forgotten stories, according to photojournalist Sara May at an opening of her exhibit detailing the aftermath of the Ebola crisis in Sierra Leone at the Washington, D.C. Leica Store on Friday. Titled “After the Crisis,” the exhibit features photos from May’s[Read More…]

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Step One: Reflection

Step One: Reflection

Whether you are burned out, running on an adrenaline rush from your great grades or feeling stressed and pressured about your summer internship, you should take some time to recover from the year. Amid homework, projects and social events during the school year, there is little time to break and[Read More…]

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KONKOLY | After Accident, Swimmer Thrives

Three years ago, doctors were debating whether senior Michelle Konkoly would ever walk again. After a horrendous accident, Konkoly was left temporarily paralyzed below the waist. But she battled; she endured several surgeries and an arduous rehabilitation program. Months later she was walking. She then returned to the Georgetown swim[Read More…]

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After the Storm

After the Storm

At this time last year, students stocked up on Grab ‘n’ Go and retreated to their dorms for a two-day break from classes. While D.C. dealt with little more than strong wind and rain, Hurricane Sandy ravaged the hometowns of many Georgetown students. The severity of the Category 1 storm’s[Read More…]

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Area Businesses Bounce Back From Recession

With fewer stores closing their doors and new establishments selling everything from sports apparel to pinball museum tickets, the Georgetown area appears to be recovering from the recession. After a net loss of 13 stores in 2009, the neighborhood saw a net gain of 15 stores last year, according to[Read More…]

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FEMA’s Long Road to Recovery

Nearly six weeks after the fact, President Obama has declared the post-Snowmaggedon District a major disaster area. The Federal Emergency Management Agency announced Wednesday that federal aid will be available to the District to aid the recovery from the record snowstorms that battered the mid-Atlantic in February. With the cherry[Read More…]

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