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EDITORIAL: Foster Respectful Discourse

Rigorous debate is widely accepted as a vital part of students’ formative college years, when their beliefs can be challenged by exposure to diverse perspectives. Yet the attempts to suppress opposing viewpoints and hostile discourse around the recent GU272 referendum proves that Georgetown University students must do better to foster[Read More…]

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OSIBAJO & BAH: Acknowledge Hidden Heroes

OSIBAJO & BAH: Acknowledge Hidden Heroes

As I pulled an all-nighter in the Rafic B. Hariri Building last week, in the early hours of the morning, I was soothed by the sounds of vacuum cleaners from two janitors working to ready a learning environment for the next day. As busy college students, we are so wrapped[Read More…]

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EDITORIAL: Uphold Dignity Over Division

As it became clear that former Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton would lose to President-elect nominee Donald Trump, there was an apparent change in mood at the watch party in the Healey Family Student Center. After the election was called for Trump, the spectrum of reactions on campus was varied. Some[Read More…]

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FLEMING-KLINK: Balancing Respect and Speech

FLEMING-KLINK: Balancing Respect and Speech

Before we left for break, I was sitting in my common room of New South 3 with our two RAs and some fellow NS3ers. We weren’t really talking about anything of particular note, but a little way into the conversation the Office of the President sent out an email notifying[Read More…]

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The Georgetown That Saved Me

The Georgetown That Saved Me

I read critics’ discussion regarding OUTober. Allow me to explain why we need this. Allow me to explain to you why the work of the LGBTQ Resource Center, the work of GU Pride and the work of Georgetown University to fund these entities is not only a good thing to[Read More…]

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The Die-Hard Fan’s Blind Ode to Derek Jeter

The Die-Hard Fan’s Blind Ode to Derek Jeter

Throughout his career, Derek Jeter has achieved some of the most coveted awards in Major League Baseball. He has won five World Series, five Gold Gloves and five Silver Slugger Awards on top of being Rookie of the Year in 1996 and the 2000 World Series MVP. He is currently[Read More…]

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Let Magis Guide Conduct

Respect is a core Georgetown value. High standards define our students, our university and our local community. The Jesuit ideal of seeking the magis is a great model for us. Magis is about feeling grateful for all we’ve been given and giving back by seeking the very best in ourselves[Read More…]

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Respect Relay

Despite the jovial atmosphere Relay For Life provides, it’s important to remember that the event is a serious and reflective occasion for many. Tonight, out of respect for the cause and their fellow attendees for whom Relay is much more than just festivities, students should refrain from excessive drinking before[Read More…]

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