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GEORGETOWN PROGRAM BOARD/FACEBOOK | Some organizations have begun to practice open membership, including Georgetown Program Board. Open membership succeeds in combatting the exclusivity that pervades club culture, creating a healthier environment for members. While participation can be an issue for open membership clubs, the practice helps students put their extracurriculars in perspective.

Open Membership Improves Club Culture at CAB Fair

Since club culture is a stressor for incoming freshmen, the Council of Advisory Boards fair is an opportunity for students to see what is available to them and what might be of interest. Two hundred fifty-four different student organizations tabled during this September’s CAB fair. CAB fair not only represents[Read More…]

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GU Bucks Graduation Rate Trend

GU Bucks Graduation Rate Trend

Graduation rates at colleges across the nation remain sharply below Georgetown’s 93 percent figure, according to a report released on Sept. 27. Complete College America, a non-profit group that focuses on educational problems, found that 53.2 percent of students in the 33 states that submitted data complete a four-year bachelors[Read More…]

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