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Toeing the Line: Free Speech and Sex on Campus

When professor Derek Goldman was directing “In The Next Room, or the vibrator play” last spring, he was acutely aware that, to some on campus, the production would appear salacious at first blush. The play deals frankly with female sexuality, exploring how the invention of the vibrator permitted women to[Read More…]

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KARNA: The Reign of Hookup Culture

The college microcosm has seen the idea of sex, and the larger picture of romance in today’s society develop dramatically over the last decade. These changes have evolved into the young adult world and beyond, but college campuses know it best: an environment full of 20-somethings that are constantly interacting[Read More…]

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Sex Sells Georgetown Short

It is in the wind here at Georgetown, carried in every puff of hurried breath laced with 5 gum, Marlboro or coffee mixed with last night’s Burnett’s. Connotations, insinuations and expectations pour out of every glance; every passing word; every decision on where to sit in class; what level to[Read More…]

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BENNETT: Is It OK To Be a Faust Today?

The other day I posited a revamped version of the Faustian Question to a friend as a thought experiment. You may be familiar with the story, or at least its more well-known neologism, the Faustian Bargain. The tale of Dr. Faust — sometimes Faustus — told and retold dozens of[Read More…]

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BENNETT: Redefining Sex in the 21st Century

It has been said that an intellectual is someone who has found something better to think about than sex, so call me a proud philistine. Not only does thinking about sex matter, but it matters more to humanity than sex in itself. There are many instances of the damage wrought[Read More…]

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A Pee After Sex Keeps the Doctor at Rest

I remember the last piece of advice my high school journalism teacher gave me: always pee before and after sex. I’ve long since forgotten the probably awkward context of that conversation, but after last semester, I will always heed her words. It was around the time of study days, just[Read More…]

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Relationship counselor Marissa Nelson spoke about healthy sexual relationships on Tuesday evening.

Counselor Talks Sex and Relationships

United Feminists, H*yas for Choice and the Black Student Alliance presented “Sex in the Dark: A Conversation on Healthy Relationships” on Tuesday evening to create a forum for students to discuss sex and relationships. The conversation was facilitated by Marissa Nelson, a licensed marriage and family therapist specializing in individual,[Read More…]

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The ‘V’ Word

The ‘V’ Word

College students have sex. Older generations shake their finger at hookup culture while students themselves grapple to make sense of it all. Maybe they’re looking for love, connection, pleasure or some combination of the three, or maybe they’re looking for nothing at all. Yet, for all the think pieces that[Read More…]

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ROSENBERGER: Turning to Spirituality for Guidance on Sex

ROSENBERGER: Turning to Spirituality for Guidance on Sex

For people of countless faith traditions, sex has become inextricably linked with religious practice. Trying to discern God’s will in regard to sex can be daunting, and efforts to reconcile faith and life can cause confusion or guilt. Looking at Christian sexual ethics, Catholics differ wildly from Protestants, who in[Read More…]

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Navigating the Web of Love

There is an online dating site for every kind of person: Christians, farmers, convicted felons, vampires, sea captains, people looking to have an affair, beautiful people, ugly people and decidedly average people. But even with all of these options, dating — especially as a college student — can be hard,[Read More…]

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