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“Sex in the Dark” Aims to Reduce Sexual Stigma on Campus

By Anna Lim November 3, 2023

Students participated in an anonymous dialogue on campus sexual health at the “Sex in the Dark: Healthy Sexuality at Georgetown and Beyond” Q&A event on Oct. 30.  The annual event was...

Diversity in Media

Diversity in Media

By Guide Editor March 22, 2019

Marion Colomer Depicts Carnal Desire at Gallery O on H

Marion Colomer Depicts ‘Carnal Desire’ at Gallery O on H

By Maddie Finn February 7, 2018

Nestled in a tiny brick building in the H Street Corridor is Gallery O on H, an art gallery and event space. Inside the welcoming front door resides the enchanting exhibit “Melancholia” by Marion...


Students May Not Be Hooked on Hookup Culture

By Kathryn Baker and Max Crispin October 13, 2017

The start of college is an exhilarating time. Students enter their freshman year expecting to be challenged academically, to establish meaningful friendships and to develop the skills necessary for the...


Debunking Common College Sex Myths

By William Leo and Juliette Silvain October 13, 2017

Sex is among the most talked-about subjects on college campuses. Yet myths and misconceptions pervade almost every discussion of sexual activity and sexuality, subtly infiltrating the beliefs of even the...

Contraception 101: Better Safe Than Sorry

Contraception 101: Better Safe Than Sorry

By Megan Shapiro October 13, 2017

Contraception: It is a word that invokes many different emotions. Some might feel uneasy, while others might feel empowered. Contraception is the use of artificial or behavioral methods to prevent...


Toeing the Line: Free Speech and Sex on Campus

By Lisa Burgoa October 13, 2017

When professor Derek Goldman was directing “In The Next Room, or the vibrator play” last spring, he was acutely aware that, to some on campus, the production would appear salacious at first blush....


The Buzz About ‘In the Next Room, or the vibrator play’

By Kathryn Baker April 7, 2017

Although it may seem atypical to bring a show about vibrators to a world-renowned Jesuit institution, that is exactly what the Theater and Performance Studies Program has done in its latest performance,...

BENNETT: Redefining Sex in the 21st Century

By Jack Bennett January 22, 2016

It has been said that an intellectual is someone who has found something better to think about than sex, so call me a proud philistine. Not only does thinking about sex matter, but it matters more to humanity...

The Catholic Vision of Sexuality

By Taylor Colwell November 3, 2015

As a recent alumnus who “feels that Georgetown must change to include more church teaching,” I very much appreciated Lexi Dever’s viewpoint (“The Georgetown That Saved Me,” Oct. 30, 2015, The...

Sex Issue 2015

Sex Issue 2015

By Guide Editor March 27, 2015

Georgetown' Contraception Control Students explain their frustrations about the inability to buy contraception on campus and discuss the implications on their sex lives. Confronting Double Standards...

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