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An Immature Strategy

An Immature Strategy

Everyone had “that” friend as a kid. You know who I’m talking about. The one who demanded a re-do after tossing a football straight to the other team because “the sun was in my eyes!” The one who rewrote the rules to cops and robbers every time he got tagged.[Read More…]

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Senator Tester Discusses Government Shutdown

While his colleagues in Congress spent the evening negotiating the looming government shutdown, Sen. Jon Tester (D-Mont.) spent Monday night in the Mortara Center addressing student questions on the same issue. The event was sponsored by the Georgetown University College Democrats and the Georgetown University Student Veterans Association. Tester took several audience[Read More…]

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DC Braces for Possible Shutdown

With the possibility of a federal government shutdown looming Oct. 1, Congress is scrambling to negotiate a deal that would raise the debt ceiling. But with compromise in short supply on Capitol Hill and a deadline only days away, many are anticipating a worst-case scenario. Under a shutdown, only essential[Read More…]

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Shutdown Looms for Yearbook

Ye Domesday Booke, the university’s yearbook since 1905, was dropped as a student organization from the Media Board two weeks ago. The Media Board, which oversees all student publications, voted to terminate the yearbook’s status as a student organization on Sept. 30, three days after sending an email to the[Read More…]

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Aid in Question as Shutdown Looms

The clock is ticking on a government shutdown that would have negative implications for the university and the District. Congress and President Obama have until 11:59 p.m. today to finalize and sign a budget extension, or all of the non-essential functions of the federal government will grind to a halt.[Read More…]

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