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DPE PROFESSIONAL FOREIGN SERVICE SORORITY ALPHA CHAPTER | Even though fraternities and sororities on campus do not possess the same scope and popularity on campus as clubs do, several still attempt to create a home for students. These organizations vary by their university recognition status and their target demographic, but they all seek to build community by bringing students together.

Greek Life Offers Community in Place of Clubs

Like many other Jesuit institutions across the country, Georgetown University has officially disassociated itself from Greek life since the mid-1950s, with nothing seeming to signal an upcoming change in the university’s policy regarding Greek life. Nevertheless, fraternities and sororities continue to exist, each aiming to bring something different to the[Read More…]

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University Discourages Students From Social Greek Organizations

University Discourages Students From Social Greek Organizations

The university reiterated its disapproval of social Greek organizations Sept. 16 in a campus-wide email, which discouraged students from joining such organizations because of the organizations’ common association with high-risk behavior such as alcohol abuse. Greek organizations are inconsistent with the university’s Jesuit values, namely inclusion and respect for the[Read More…]

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The Alternative to The Greek Email

Georgetown’s policy not to recognize, support or interfere with fraternities and sororities is appropriate. Despite this, a recent email from Vice President for Student Affairs Todd Olson and Associate Vice President for Student Affairs Jeanne Lord regarding it was highly objectionable. The email was strange. It seemed designed to inform[Read More…]

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Members of Kappa Kappa Gamma sported T-shirts for spring recruitment last semester. KKG is an unrecognized sorority at Georgetown.

Despite Jesuit Limits, Greek Life Gains Ground

The Greek system has produced graduates including the first female astronaut, 85 percent of Fortune 500 Executives and 18 Greek U.S. presidents since 1877, according to The Atlantic. At the same time, Greek life has also been the center of nationwide scandals: the death of a Clemson University student rushing[Read More…]

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Brothers and Sisters in Service

Despite the status of Alpha Phi Omega — the only Greek organization officially recognized by the university — social fraternities and sororities have grown in popularity on campus in recent years. Sigma Phi Epsilon, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Kappa Kappa Gamma and, most recently, Kappa Alpha Theta are making a name[Read More…]

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GU Students Compensate for Lack of Greek Life

GU Students Compensate for Lack of Greek Life

Many prospective students visiting Georgetown have entertained the thought of attending a school with active Greek life —  serving the community with sorority sisters and squatting for photos, or revelling in the testosterone-filled bonds of brotherhood and sporting lax pinnies with fraternity letters. Yet this image is squelched upon learning[Read More…]

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