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CHRONICLES FROM COPENHAGEN: Catalan Independence Through American Eyes

CHRONICLES FROM COPENHAGEN: Catalan Independence Through American Eyes

While on the plane flying into Barcelona, Spain, this past weekend, I was struck by the visuals of the rocky Pyrenees Mountains carving a deep swath across the Iberian Peninsula from 30,000 feet in the air. How fitting it was, I thought, that I was about to disembark into Europe’s[Read More…]

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24 Hours in Madrid

Welcome to Madrid, where the past and present collide in a city that is driven by modernization but maintains its historic charm. Bright and bustling with activity, Madrid reveals Spain’s rich history under the facade of its skyscrapers and trendy restaurants. In just 24 hours, explore Madrid by neighborhood, sample[Read More…]

Ayan Mandal

MANDAL: Dynamic Interests Push Science

In 19th-century Spain, a young boy who wished only to become an artistwas met by disapproval from his parents, who urged him to pursue a more practical career in medicine. Ultimately, he attended medical school and became a hugely successful scientist. But, there is an unexpected twist: The boy’s artistic[Read More…]

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CRAIGE: Predictions For UEFA Euro 2016

CRAIGE: Predictions For UEFA Euro 2016

We have learned a few important things coming out of the latest international break. First, England is capable of beating quality teams like Germany, but it still has consistency issues to work on before the European Championship begins in June. Second, Leicester City continues to secure its spot at the[Read More…]

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The new Spanish monarch, King Felipe VI (GRD ’95), accompanied by Queen Letizia, was thronged by students and security during his visit to campus Wednesday night.

University Fetes Royal Return

King Felipe VI (GRD ’95) and Queen Letizia of Spain visited the university Wednesday to launch a three-day campus conference with Spanish scientists, attending both the first meeting of the conference in Riggs Library and celebratory dinner in their honor on Copley Lawn. The panel discussion in Riggs Library, primarily[Read More…]

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Treasuring My Time at Home and Abroad

Treasuring My Time at Home and Abroad

Whether or not you trained for it, a semester spent studying abroad is a marathon. In the pursuit of “making the most of the short time abroad,” the only moments of rest are utilized recharging for the next outing. Every weekend, of course, must have a full itinerary. Perhaps it’s[Read More…]

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Finding Comfort in Study-Abroad Discomforts

It is by no coincidence that the Spanish words for foreigner, extranjero, and strange, extraño, share linguistic roots. The foreign, in the many and various forms it takes, always seems a little weird and uncomfortable at first. The foreigner (as I myself am experiencing) can often be easily picked out[Read More…]

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Ask anyone how they spent the summer of 2014, and you will likely hear them mention how they watched the FIFA World Cup. Whether it was the gripping draw between Portugal and the United States, which drew more views in North America than any game of the NBA finals, or[Read More…]

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Lost in Translation: From Spain to Italy

With my semester abroad in Seville, Spain, coming to a close, I’m pleased to say that my Spanish has improved to the point where I’m finally able to express myself without wildly gesticulating at things. So, now that I’ve cleared the low bar of successfully maintaining conversations in Spain, I’m[Read More…]


Living Abroad, Not Studying Abroad

The mechanical half-smile I had determinedly cemented to my face finally cracked and faltered. Slowing to a walk, I tried for what felt like the thousandth time to orient myself among the maddeningly similar, taunting concrete towers. The unfamiliar panic that welled up inside me melted my last shred of[Read More…]

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