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BUSBOYS AND POETS/FACEBOOK | Busboys and Poets is just one of the organizations that make spaces for sharing art while also emphasizing the important role of action within art.

Artists Form Communities in The District Through Spoken Word

Washington, D.C., is a hub for creative thought and expression through spoken word performances, from low-key open mics every night of the week to exhilarating formal competitions. Spoken word employs flowing metaphors and mellifluous alliterations to evoke emotions ranging from sorrow to joy. These performances, often based on personal experiences,[Read More…]

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Poetry Speaks in D.C.

My metal plates feel like fire These are my hands When I place my palms together and hold them tight it looks as if I am praying to God beseeching for you With my pious hands I can make your hair silky straight The only sound Is that singe The[Read More…]