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VIEWPOINT: Denounce Israeli Apartheid

This past week, Georgetown University’s Students for Justice in Palestine, launched its 15th annual Apartheid Week, hosting a series of events to highlight the apartheid conditions Palestinians live under in Israel and the Palestinian territories. Apartheid — defined in international law as the institutionalized, systematic oppression and domination by one[Read More…]

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TAHABSEM: Reject Anti-Palestine Bias

Support for Palestinian rights and pro-Palestine student organizations at Georgetown University is too often unnecessarily and undeservedly derided. And while this problem is not exclusive to Georgetown, what is unjust beyond our campus remains unjust within it. Last week, a Palestinian flag was hung in Red Square by pro-Palestine student[Read More…]

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VIEWPOINT: A Boycott for Humanity

Put yourself in the place of an elderly Palestinian farmer, who just had his house bulldozed, his livestock confiscated and his land stolen. Put yourself in the place of a Palestinian mother who has just been informed her 6-year-old son was blown to bits by an Israeli missile while playing[Read More…]

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Israeli Apartheid Week Draws Polarized Response

A microcosm of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict reached the Georgetown campus this week as the Georgetown branch of Students for Justice in Palestine hosted events for Israeli Apartheid Week. The week, which is taking place this year at universities in over 55 cities and 19 countries, includes events that protest the[Read More…]

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Netanyahu Talk Divides Groups

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s visit to Washington, D.C., to speak to a joint session of Congress on Tuesday sparked a national debate about the politicization of Israel’s relationship with the United States and drew criticism from student organizations at Georgetown. In his speech, which comes in advance of Israeli[Read More…]

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Students protested the Georgetown Sabra Hummus House pop-up shop in October for its owners' association with the Israeli army.

UCLA Divestment Draws Mixed Responses at Georgetown

The University of California, Los Angeles’ undergraduate student government voted Tuesday night to pass a resolution calling the university to divest from American companies profiting from human rights violations in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, according to the Daily Bruin, prompting mixed reactions from Georgetown student groups. Ari Goldstein[Read More…]

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Through Different Lenses: Israel, Hamas and Gaza

Shortly after the militant group Hamas and the Fatah-led Palestinian Authority agreed to form a unitary government, the kidnapping and subsequent murder of three Israeli teenagers triggered tensions. Rockets were launched into Israel from Hamas-controlled Gaza, which was subject to Israeli air strikes, as Israel arrested hundreds of Palestinians. The[Read More…]

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Israel’s Crisis of Ethics, Masked by Politics

Israel’s Crisis of Ethics, Masked by Politics

In mid-May, two Palestinian boys were killed by Israeli security forces during demonstrations in the West Bank. Although video footage shows the demonstrations as non-threatening, not a peep was heard from the international community. But in June, three Israeli teenagers went missing, and the world tripped over itself to condemn[Read More…]

Friendly Screening Sours

Students for Justice in Palestine withdrew its co-sponsorship of a film screening with the Georgetown Israel Alliance and J Street U, an event that was supposed to herald an unprecedented collaboration between the historically contentious organizations. The SJP board made the last-minute decision Tuesday to officially disassociate the organization from the[Read More…]

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Stalled Divestment Push Prompts Visit to GUSA

Members of the Georgetown, Divest! coalition brought their case to the Georgetown University Student Association Senate meeting Sunday night, spurring discussion about potential changes to the university’s investment process. Five members of Georgetown, Divest! met with Georgetown administrators on April 9, but were unable to make headway with the university.[Read More…]

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