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Grandma Goes Clubbing in Croatia

So, what happens when three college students on vacation in Croatia split a bottle of vino and are given the streets of Old Town Dubrovnik to traipse around in? They find Jasmin Stavros at ClubRevelin. What’s that? You’ve never heard of Jasmin Stavros? That’s really embarrassing for you. This week, Grandma has ventured outside of [Read More…]

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Adventures Outside the Bubble

Last Tuesday, hundreds of applications from students hoping to study abroad flooded the Office of Overseas Studies. These applicants aspire to be among the 57 percent of Georgetown students who trade Healy Hall and chicken-finger Thursdays for Italian villas and baklava to spend a summer, a semester or a year[Read More…]

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What Studying Abroad Does (and Doesn’t Do) for You

One of the major decisions an early 20-something has to make in college is whether to study abroad. When asked to describe their experience abroad, returning students usually claim that it was “amazing” and “life-changing.” Although studying abroad is both of these things, it’s this way for some unexpected reasons.[Read More…]

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Stay Behind the Barricade

Georgetown has long produced students keen on both activism and international affairs. But in light ofDerrik Sweeney’s (COL ’13) recent experiences in Cairo, it’s time to remind ourselves of the responsibility that accompanies the privilege of studying abroad. Considering our myriad study abroad programs, immersion language programs and majors dedicated to[Read More…]

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Sweeney Reflects on Imprisonment

It’s been almost a week since Derrik Sweeney (COL ’13) was released from police custody in Cairo, but the experience is still fresh in his mind. “It’s mind-boggling that now I’m here, texting with my friends in Missouri, considering where I was two days ago,” he said Wednesday. Sweeney and[Read More…]

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Sweeney Arrives in St. Louis

Sweeney Arrives in St. Louis

ST. LOUIS, MO. — After landing in St. Louis Saturday night following his release from police custody in Cairo Friday,Derrik Sweeney (COL ’13) couldn’t stop smiling. Sweeney, along with two other American students, was detained by Egyptian authorities Tuesday after being accused of participating in violent protests in TahrirSquare. His late-night flight[Read More…]

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Sweeney Questioned by Officials

Derrik Sweeney (COL ’13) and the two other American students detained in Egypt Tuesday were questioned by authorities for over eight hours until about midnight Wednesday in Cairo. The Sweeney family was able to speak with the detained student in a brief phone conversation earlier today. Speaking to his mother, Joy,[Read More…]

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Friends, Family Stunned by Sweeney’s Arrest

As friends and family of Derrik Sweeney (COL ’13), who was detained in Cairo Tuesday, received details regarding his arrest, many expressed surprise and disbelief at the accusations leveled against him. Sweeney was one of three American students studying abroad at the American University in Cairo arrested for allegedly participating in violent[Read More…]

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Home Away From Home

Without fail, my Thanksgivings have all followed one charming and memorable mold: Wake up to the smell of my mom’s sweet potato biscuits. Roll out of the house with my dad and brothers to meet up with neighborhood friends for a raucous and muddy flag football game, naturally called “The[Read More…]

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Study Abroad Numbers Stable

Study abroad programs nationwide have now begun to rebound following the 2008 financial crisis, but the number of Georgetown students studying abroad never dropped during the downturn. According to the Open Doors Report on International Educational Exchange released last week, study abroad participation dropped 0.8 percent in 2008-2009, the first[Read More…]

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