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Q&A: Professor Cal Newport on the Right Way to Study for Midterms

Q&A: Professor Cal Newport on the Right Way to Study for Midterms

Cal Newport, associate professor of computer science at Georgetown University, has never had a social media account in his life. The author of five self-improvement books focused on academic and career success, Newport advocates for eliminating a digital dependency to produce “deep work” — periods of intense focus undistracted by[Read More…]

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TESTING TRUISMS: Is Productive Procrastination an Oxymoron?

TESTING TRUISMS: Is Productive Procrastination an Oxymoron?

Location: Lauinger Library at 3 a.m. You squint at your computer screen and punch out a few more words on the keyboard. You lost your ability to write coherently a long time ago; now you’re just trying to reach the essay’s required word count and print it before your class[Read More…]

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Keep Calm, Study On

As spring break approaches with winter firmly entrenched in Washington, D.C., midterms are here to provide some seasonal reliability. A time of stress, tears and late-night coffee binges in Lau, it is difficult to contemplate an end to these trials; but take heart, young Hoyas, for hope — and your[Read More…]

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Before the Sun, a Different Hilltop

Before the Sun, a Different Hilltop

Campus is silent. Most buildings are closed. The majority of students have gone to bed with the exception of a few lit dorm rooms and some studying in main buildings, such as Lauinger Library and the Rafik B. Hariri Building. As Thursday melds into Friday, it is too late for[Read More…]

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DIRAGO: Classroom Not a Place For Twitter

With the new semester upon us, it is that time again for undergraduates: time to make ambitious promises to ourselves about our study habits and time management for the upcoming year. This semester will be different, we say to ourselves. We’ll stick to a schedule, do all of our reading,[Read More…]

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Having Studying Down to a Tea

I admit I’m quite the Lau-star. As much as our beloved library holds a soft spot in my heart, it is a black hole. Day in and day out, I leave Lau more drained of life (whether it be from endless hours of studying or procrastination) than I was when I[Read More…]

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The Finals Countdown

When you read this headline, did you think that this column was going to be about ’80s music? Did you envision nodding your head as I reminded you of lost gems such as “She’s a Beauty” by The Tubes and ruthlessly mocked David Bowie’s “Fashion”? If you did, I’m sorry; you should[Read More…]

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Hitting the Books: A Library’s Purpose

If Georgetown were suspended on its own, as a microcosm without the rest of the world looming outside the front gates, we would probably go to the library for fun. We would pick up books at random about whatever piqued our imaginations, just like little kids play with toys and[Read More…]

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Artificial Intelligence

It may have a cute nickname – Addy – and a loyal following, but there’s nothing cute about abusive use of Adderall. Abuse of Adderall is not just dangerous; just like steroids in sports, when illegally abused in order to gain an edge, it amounts to cheating, As THE HOYA[Read More…]

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