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PETER NOUHAN/FACEBOOK | High school volunteers from SEED Tax Prep Ambassadors have assisted over 70 people in filing their taxes since the program's start.

GU Grad Student Founds Program to Provide Free Tax Assistance

Peter Nouhan (GRD ’19) started a new program that trains high school students for free to file taxes on behalf of low-income individuals in Washington, D.C., primarily within Ward 7. Nouhan founded SEED Tax Prep Ambassadors after receiving the 2018 Baker Innovation Grant, a $20,000 grant to fund social and[Read More…]

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The Republican tax plan unveiled in the House of Representatives on Thursday would make higher education less affordable.

Republican Tax Plan Could Raise Higher Education Costs

Two education-related tax benefits would be eliminated by a tax bill unveiled by House Republicans yesterday, changes that could make higher education less affordable if the bill passes in its current form. The bill, which would lower the corporate tax rate from 35 percent to 20 percent, consolidate seven income[Read More…]

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Director of the Office of Management and Budget Mick Mulvaney (SFS '89) promoted President Donald Trump's tax reform plan.

Mulvaney Defends Trump Tax Reform Plan

President Donald Trump’s recently proposed tax reform will stimulate the economy by simplifying the tax code, said Director of the Office of Management and Budget Mick Mulvaney (SFS ’89),Wednesday. Mulvaney highlighted two pillars of the plan: reducing taxes for corporations and the middle class. “At the end of the process,[Read More…]

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Viewpoint: District’s Need for Statehood

Why should Georgetown students care that Washington, D.C. citizens do not have full representation in Congress? Consider this: Of all the capitals in our world’s democracies, only Washington, D.C. is denied voting representation. As a D.C. citizen, I experience this firsthand. We pay federal taxes yet are not allowed to[Read More…]

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Fiscal Cliff Threatens Student Aid

The impending “fiscal cliff” for the budget deficit, which would cause a combination of automatic federal tax increases and spending cuts early next year, could compromise the availability of federally funded financial aid programs to Georgetown students. Unless Congress can agree on a deficit-reduction deal before it adjourns Dec. 21,[Read More…]

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Each license plate on a car registered in the District reads “Taxation Without Representation,” the old Revolutionary War-era saying. But to residents of this city, that sentiment isn’t merely historical — it’s the slogan of a decades-old struggle that’s still ongoing. Many in the District are fighting for D.C. statehood.[Read More…]

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Inequality Stats Miss Big Picture

In a recent issue of The Hoya, Brian Shaud argued that rising income inequality in the United States has exacerbated a number of social ills and threatens to destroy the promise of the American Dream (“The Growing Wealth Gap,” A3, Feb. 6, 2012). Liberals are missing the point when it comes to inequality.[Read More…]

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Wishful Thinking

President Obama’s State of the Union address on Wednesday night was a study in unrealistic ambition. He proposed plans to reform the economy, create jobs, fix health care, reduce the budget deficit, improve education – and the list goes on. Taken individually, many of the proposals put forth by Obama[Read More…]

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Tax Decreases Plastic Bag Use

In the nine months since the institution of the D.C. bag tax, the use of disposable bags has dropped by about 60 percent. While residents were initially skeptical of the effectiveness of the tax, according to The Washington Post, five cents are proving enough of an incentive for customers to[Read More…]

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Several Tax Raises Proposed in D.C. Council to Close Budget Gaps

A number of tax hikes could be in store for D.C. residents, as the D.C. Council prepares to vote on measures that would increase taxes on soda, liquor, health club memberships, parking and admission to museums and cultural events, as well as a higher income tax for wealthy residents. The[Read More…]

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