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KAPASI: Struggling with San Jacinto

KAPASI: Struggling with San Jacinto

A 567-foot-tall obelisk stands 20 minutes outside Houston. The structure commemorates the Battle of San Jacinto, which won Texas’ independence from Mexico on April 21, 1836. Retreating Texan forces, led by General Samuel Houston, surprised General Antonio López de Santa Anna’s larger Mexican force near the San Jacinto River. The[Read More…]

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Hoya Alumnus Honors Roots With Republic Kolache

Family traditions shape lives. The most recent business venture of Texan native Chris Svetlik (SFS ’09) is a testament to the enduring influence of tradition and heritage. Republic Kolache, co-founded with fellow Texan Brian Stanford, embraces not only Texan culture but also the old customs of Svetlik’s Czech family, the[Read More…]

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VIEWPOINT: Flawed Logic in Arming Students

This July, I spent 17 days working at a speech and debate camp at the University of Texas at Austin. The night before the campers arrived, the director explained the emergency plans to the staff, should we ever confront a situation like a shooting. I was overcome for a moment[Read More…]

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Finding Stars to Brighten a New Home

Finding Stars to Brighten a New Home

The stars. Any time my family asks, that’s the answer. The question isn’t anything special. I’m certain that plenty of others have been asked it as well — have been interrogated about it by parents, siblings and friends alike until the answer becomes almost second nature, visceral in a way[Read More…]

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The City of Hate

The City of Hate

The audio guide was describing the motorcade route. “The president and Mrs. Kennedy were sitting in the back of the limousine, behind Governor Connally of Texas and his wife Nellie. They turned right from Main Street onto Houston, heading north before making the sharper turn at Elm Street. Street vendors[Read More…]

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Tinder Versus Reality

Tinder Versus Reality

I downloaded Tinder for 24 hours and two things happened. First, thanks to the beauty of iCloud and notifications across iPhones, my mom staged an intervention — “Really, Caitlin? You’re that desperate?” — and rejected all of my explanations — “It’s entertaining!” “It’s funny!” “I’m bored!” Second, I noticed certain[Read More…]

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Mommy-ing 101

Mommy-ing 101

Well, it’s not an internship on the Hill, but at least it pays. During the spring of freshman year, I felt the atmosphere rise in pressure. Left and right, I was peppered with questions: What are your plans for the summer? Have you given any thought to an internship? Big[Read More…]

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Gonzalez Awarded for Service

Gonzalez Awarded for Service

Four years ago, Adan Gonzalez (COL ‘15) rolled his bag to the airport on his way to start his freshman year at Georgetown University. Even though he had not yet arrived on campus, he already felt different. “At the airport I had one carry-on luggage [piece] and I couldn’t afford[Read More…]

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Two ASB trips collaborated on an ad-hoc border wall to raise awareness of immigration issues Friday in Red Square.

ASB Wall Breaks Borders

The Alternative Spring Break border awareness program aimed to generate discussion on immigration issues after two ASB groups returned from the 1,951-mile Mexican border over spring break by constructing an ad hoc border fence in Red Square 28. The wood and plastic fence, manned by ASB members, was built[Read More…]

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Title IX Causes Inequity

If everything is supposed to be bigger in Texas, then why is there only one male Division I soccer program in the entire state? The answer to this question is quite simple, but also controversial. When Title IX of the Education Amendments was enacted in 1972, it intended to bring[Read More…]

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