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Young Australian DJ Rocks EDM Scene

The Electronic Dance Music scene in America has rapidly grown in popularity over the last ten years or so. New songs are appearing everyday and it seems that if you flip a coin in the air, the chances of it landing on a DJ here in America are pretty high.[Read More…]

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The Return of RAC

Sunday, October 26th was the second time in a year that I was fortunate enough to see one of my favorite up-and-coming bands, RAC. The indie-rock/electronica band from Portland, Oregon was making their second stop at the 9:30 Club and this time was different – very different. My friend Connor[Read More…]

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Elusive Band Has Potential for Fame

This week I decided to throw it back a bit and write about a group that visits the Washington, D.C.-Baltimore area frequently during their tours. The Naked and Famous are a rapidly rising indie/alternative rock band from Auckland, New Zealand, and I can almost guarantee that you have heard at[Read More…]

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Band Knocks at the Door of Success

The beginning of school is a hectic time for us all. Classes are starting up again, the bookstore suddenly turns into a war zone and moving in to our respective housing sucks. However, this year we students had a chance decompress over the Labor Day weekend because The Knocks were[Read More…]

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Fun. Frontman Rocks With New Band

For a Tuesday night in Washington, D.C., the 9:30 Club was jumping. I could practically hear the wailing of Jack Antonoff’s guitar from two blocks away on U Street. For the second time in a few weeks, it felt great to be back at the reputable venue and even better[Read More…]

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Chance Makes NYC Music Festival

had been there for hours with just one $10 beer in my stomach, and I had walked miles all over the island in the blistering heat to see them play music. Welcome to Randall’s Island: This was Governors Ball 2014. This is the musical festival that New York City offers[Read More…]

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RAC’s surprising covers put an enjoyable twist on chart-toppers.

RAC Puts a New Spin on Old Hits

Who is RAC? I was offered a ticket to see them and find out, so why would I turn down a free concert? In retrospect, I’m definitely glad I didn’t. Remix Artist Collective is a band based out of Portland, Ore. Its strategy is to take songs by other artists[Read More…]

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