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Crossing the Barriers of Sound and Gender

Lucrecia Martel serves up a cacophonous brew of middle-class misery in her 2001 debut “La Cienaga,” or “The Swamp,” a film quite unlike any I had ever seen before. I say this on the tail end of having watched close to 300 movies in the last four years; it’s nice[Read More…]

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Film Boasts Bitter Satire

If death and taxes are the fabled two certainties of life, then attacks on the aristocracy and outrage over awards shows are the two certainties of cinema. With the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences set to bestow a new fleet of Oscar statuettes on their films of choice[Read More…]

Belgian Filmmakers Portray Everyday Struggles

No film now playing in theaters is more immediately pertinent to the life of a Georgetown student than the Dardenne brothers’ “Two Days, One Night.” Presumably, no one reading this column is currently married with children in a working-class neighborhood in Belgium, but it’s almost certainly true that many of[Read More…]

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1960s Film Explores Greek Politics

‘Any resemblance to real events and persons living or dead is not coincidental; it’s INTENTIONAL.” The ’60s was a monumental decade for film, but perhaps no other film from that era is quite as exciting as Costa-Gavras’ “Z.” On the one hand, “Z” is one of those rare foreign films[Read More…]

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Obscure Chinese Film is a Rare Gem

“Raise the Red Lantern” is a flat-out masterpiece, though I suspect this is the first time you’re even hearing of it. Let me clarify the “you” in that statement: if you’re an enthusiast of 20th-century Chinese history or if you’re old enough to remember the year 1991 at the movies,[Read More…]

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Kodak Film Captures Spirit of Rome

‘Roman Holiday.” “La Dolce Vita.” “Bicycle Thieves.” “To Rome with Love.” The Eternal City, as anyone who has been there or seen the aforementioned movies can tell you, is anything but camera-shy. While studying abroad in Rome this past spring, I was struck not just by the city’s preposterous cornucopia[Read More…]

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Acclaimed Belgian Film Defies the Cliches

Unless you come from the same stock of cinema-obsessed enthusiasm that I do, you’ve never seen a movie like “Rosetta.” The 1999 winner of the Palme d’Or — the most prestigious award in the world of international cinema handed out annually at the Cannes Film Festival — begins with an[Read More…]

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