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ERICSON: Manage Time With Achievable Goals

ERICSON: Manage Time With Achievable Goals

Before you read this article, I’ll be honest: I didn’t do the best job managing my time as I wrote it. There were so many ideas in my head and yet every time I sat down to write, a new batch of emails came in, or someone walked into my[Read More…]

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Rethinking Our Cura Personalis

How many times does a high school student on a Georgetown Admissions Ambassador Program weekend hear the phrase cura personalis before beginning the process of becoming a zombie Hoya, rushing to Lauinger Library in order to finish a paper after a Georgetown University Alumni and Student Federal Credit Union networking[Read More…]

GILBERT: From Mind-Wandering to Productivity

In the days leading up to Thanksgiving, it’s hard to stay focused. Unfortunately for college students, the amount of schoolwork just before the holiday break seems to increase proportionally to our level of distraction. The holidays inspire a special kind of distraction. We are not merely shopping online or scrolling[Read More…]

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