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FILE PHOTO: JINWOO CHONG/THE HOYA | In 2016, students voted in favor of a referendum that endorsed banning the use of tobacco and smoke products on campus.

University Commits to Smoke-Free Campus by 2020

Georgetown University is set to ban the use of tobacco products on campus in August 2020, more than two years after students voted in a student government referendum to create a smoke-free campus. Smoking and other tobacco use will be prohibited within Georgetown University owned buildings and grounds, according to[Read More…]

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SUBUL MALIK/THE HOYA GUSA Policy Chair for Student Health Casey Kozak (NHS ’20) is leading an effort to eliminate tobacco and nicotine usage on campus, following a referendum on banning tobacco and nicotine products on campus.

GUSA Targets On-Campus Tobacco, Looks to Corp for Help

A Georgetown University Student Association effort to make Georgetown a smoke- and tobacco-free campus seeks to collaborate with Students of Georgetown, Inc., more commonly known as the Corp, to end tobacco and nicotine sales in Hoya Snaxa and Vital Vittles. GUSA Policy Chair for Student Health Casey Kozak (NHS ’20)[Read More…]

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VIEWPOINT: Prioritize Health, End Corp Tobacco Sales

The harmful effects of tobacco, as well as the addictive nature of nicotine, have been known since the early 1950s. The danger of second-hand smoke has been clear since the ’90s. Yet Georgetown University and Students of Georgetown, Inc. — commonly known as the Corp — have not yet made changes[Read More…]

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DC Considers Raising Tobacco Purchasing Age

The Washington, D.C. Council advanced a bill to raise the legal age of tobacco use in the District from 18 to 21 and limit its public use Oct. 11. Cities including Boston, Chicago and New York City have implemented similar hikes in the minimum smoking age. Under the proposed law,[Read More…]

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CVS: A Choice to Emulate

The decision of CVS Caremark to stop selling tobacco products in its stores, announced Wednesday, has been touted as an example of corporate responsibility. The choice, which surprised both business executives and public health experts, admirably aims to support the health of CVS customers. The Corp should take note of[Read More…]

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CVS Eliminates Tobacco Products From Store

With CVS Caremark’s recent announcement that it would discontinue the sale of tobacco products from its stores by Oct. 1, 2014, student smokers may find themselves with fewer options outside the Hilltop, but will still have no problem buying cigarettes at Corp locations across campus. One of the largest pharmacies[Read More…]

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When Colleges Play Parent

Independence is a critical aspect of college education, and universities should be cautioned against stunting that development by playing the role of parents. A frequent if unintended consequence for students resisting this type of paternalism, however, is that they can find themselves defending the right to activities that may be[Read More…]

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Hookah Trend Grows on Campus

Hookah Trend Grows on Campus

As the weather gets warmer, students flock to Healy Lawn to enjoy a sunny afternoon. They nap on the grass, throw a football around and congregate around a laptop with music blasting. But some students draw attention to themselves by taking part in a less traditional spring activity: People lounge[Read More…]

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Colleges Consider Smoking Bans

While a number of universities across the nation are considering limiting smoking on campus, administrators at Georgetown are not planning any changes to current policy. The Georgetown University Medical Center became smoke-free as of January 2011. Health Education Services Director Carol Day said that campus officials have discussed the possibility[Read More…]

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