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Expansion’s Real Meaning

Recently, Toronto Maple Leafs CEO Tim Leiweke spoke about the NHL’s expansion plans, saying that two teams could be added in the near future. Like many, I’m skeptical of Las Vegas and Kansas City, Mo., two of the most likely destinations. Las Vegas is a warm weather city, where the[Read More…]

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The Facts About Playoff Defense

In each of the first three games of the American League Championship Series, the Detroit Tigers held the Boston Red Sox to zero hits through the first four innings. Such a statistic shows that pitching is king, which plays into the popular belief that pitching and defense are more important[Read More…]

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Regular Season Games Drawing Less Interest

Recently, I’ve been surprised over the lack of outrage that normally-insane Boston sports fans have expressed about Rob Gronkowski’s hesitance to return to action. Considering that it’s just Week 6, I started to wonder if the relatively mild reaction was due to a decline in interest that many fans may have in[Read More…]

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Enforcers and Fighting Are Overvalued in Hockey

As even the casual puck fan knows, hockey teams usually carry at least one “enforcer” whose job description is as follows: Try your hardest to beat the living daylights out of an opponent. The question is, why do these guys continually do it, and why do teams place such value[Read More…]

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Unfair MLB Draft Must Go

The MLB playoffs are just around the corner, but before we all get caught up in the excitement of the pennant races, there’s one more important issue surrounding Major League Baseball that I think should be discussed: the MLB draft. As Grantland columnist Rany Jazayerli discussed in his column, “Abolish the MLB Draft!,” the MLB[Read More…]

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MLB Revenues Skyrocketing

Seattle Mariners pitcher Felix Hernandez is underpaid. He also just signed a new, seven-year, $175 million contract. How in the world do those two sentences make any sort of sense? Well, the economic value of a player like Hernandez — and the value of Major League Baseball’s product as a[Read More…]

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Users Still Belong in Hall

Steroid users in baseball should be allowed in the Hall of Fame. There, I said it: A group of players who cheated at their profession should be allowed into that profession’s Hall of Fame. Let me explain. I fully object to any use of performance-enhancing drugs, and I want mandatory[Read More…]

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High Time to Forgive Vick

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick’s past as a dogfighting ringleader will forever follow him, the same way that so many others in this world find it impossible to escape their pasts. Vick knows this, and he makes no efforts to hide his past during the book tour for his new autobiography, ”Finally[Read More…]

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Owners Split by Cash, Success

This past Monday, longtime Los Angeles Lakers owner Dr. Jerry Buss died from kidney failure at age 80, inspiring an outpouring on ESPN of reflections on and tributes to his life and career. In NBA circles, after all, even those who despise his team remember the shrewd, insightful and charismatic Buss as[Read More…]

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Case of UCLA Star Boils Down to Race

Last Thursday, UCLA defeated Washington on a last-second shot from Larry Drew II, heroics that were followed by heralded freshman Bruin Shabazz Muhammad — who was clapping and crying for the ball at the top of the key only to be ignored by Drew — refusing to celebrate with his teammates. The[Read More…]

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