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VIEWPOINT: Dining With the Jesuits

To many students they are friends; to others, spiritual mentors. Since Georgetown University’s founding, their intellectual and spiritual tradition has been intertwined with the institution’s mission and today they play vital roles as professors and leaders on campus. Regardless of faith, all students can benefit from meeting the Jesuits. Take[Read More…]

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HOWELL: Keep H*yas for Choice Unrecognized

Georgetown University prides itself on facilitating dialogue among a variety of passionately held and often contradictory views, a truth confirmed by a stroll through Red Square. In line with this spirit of pluralism, some believe the university should recognize H*yas for Choice on the grounds of free speech. On the[Read More…]

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ADJROUD: My Mountain to Climb

ADJROUD: My Mountain to Climb

I spent days learning how to hold her, learning where my hands fit perfectly on the smooth inside of her crevices, learning how to penetrate her rough exterior and grab a hold of her. I spent countless hours laying with her underneath the golden rays of the hazy Algerian sun,[Read More…]

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Georgetown campus police are investigating after the Healy Tower clock hands were stolen early Monday morning.

Suspects Identified in Healy Tower Clock Hands Theft

At least two students have been referred to the Office of Student Conduct after the clock hands were stolen from the clock tower of Healy Hall early Monday morning and replaced with an inflatable unicorn head, according to the Georgetown University Police Department. GUPD Chief Jay Gruber did not immediately confirm how[Read More…]

Engage Through Alumni

Georgetown students love to stay busy — so busy that as clubs and organizations with legitimate and worthwhile causes compete for students’ finite time, conventional means of outreach such as tabling, flyering and chalking Red Square may not be effective enough to spark and retain the interest of members and[Read More…]

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Safety in Superstitions

I walk around the seal. I knock on wood. I blow on dice before I roll them. I make a wish when I blow out birthday candles. Although I have well-developed scientific understanding and religious beliefs, I still find myself — like many other perfectly rational people — stuck with[Read More…]

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A Georgetown Lineage

Regardless of religious affiliation, it is undeniable that Jesuit values are woven into the Georgetown experience. Although religious practice may be a more important part of the Georgetown experience for some, we have all observed the influence the university’s Jesuit values have exerted on its culture, community, and values. This[Read More…]

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This morning the university replaced the hands on the Healy clock.

University Replaces Hands Stolen From Healy Tower Clock

Hands once again adorn the clock on Healy Tower, after the university installed a replacement set this morning. The original set went missing early Wednesday morning. Director of Media Relations Rachel Pugh, Georgetown University Police Department Chief Jay Gruber and Vice President for Planning and Facilities Robin Morey confirmed that[Read More…]

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Tradition Returns With Theft of Healy Clock Hands

In the latest iteration of a long-running tradition, the clock hands of Healy Tower went missing in the early hours of this morning, as the final examination period dawned. The university has confirmed a theft. “While we are making repairs to the clock system this was not us,” Vice President[Read More…]

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Kickback's website displays a countdown clock to the July 8 official announcement.

With Kickback, The Corp Aims to Establish New Tradition

Georgetown Day marks the end of the academic year, but its commencement has long been bereft of a singular tradition. Students of Georgetown Inc. aims to change that with Kickback, a daylong celebration of students’ return to campus. “We’re looking to plan a day for students in the fall to[Read More…]

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