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The Price is Not Right

Outside the front gates, students may have noticed a new addition to the neighborhood: a Capital Bikeshare station. Unfortunately, the convenient benefits offered by Bikeshare comes at a price – one unreasonably high for students. Like many cities, Washington has embraced healthy and clean transportation in order to fight traffic[Read More…]

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GUTS Funding Resolved

Georgetown University Student Association Vice President Jason Kluger (MSB ’11) announced Sunday that funding has been restored for the Georgetown University Transportation Shuttle weekend bus service, after a severe shortage in reserves was discovered late last spring. The funding for the weekend GUTS buses, which operate via Abe’s Transportation, came[Read More…]

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Streetcars Back in D.C.

A Metro stop in Georgetown may still be a pipe dream, but D.C. officials now have concrete plans to build something comparable: a line of electric streetcars with a stop on the Georgetown waterfront. The streetcars should be up and running within the next five to 10 years. The line[Read More…]

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Metro Ridership Decreases

The Washington Metropolitan Area Transportation Association reported a dramatic loss of passengers on both buses and trains during the months of June and July. Though WMATA significantly increased fares during the summer, Metro officials denied a correlation. etrobuses had 11.66 million passengers in July, compared to almost 12.96 million passengers[Read More…]

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District Provides Bicycle Rentals

Georgetown students will have a new way to leave the Hilltop and explore D.C. this fall, thanks to a regional bike-sharing program introduced by the District Department of Transportation and Arlington County in June. Four bike-sharing stations will open in Georgetown and Glover Park in September, according to The Georgetown[Read More…]

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Asleep at the Wheel

It was a three-ring circus without a ringmaster. As reported in The Hoya today (“[Weekend GUTS Lack Funding](,” A1), students and the greater Georgetown community could face almost complete loss of weekend Georgetown University Transportation Shuttle service. The situation arises from a discomforting lack of oversight and communication on the[Read More…]

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Metro to Accept Credit Cards

Metro is developing technology that will allow riders to scan their credit cards at the transit gate to pay their fares, Peter Benjamin, the new chairman of the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority, told WTOP, a D.C. radio station, on Jan. 24. The new feature will be available in 12[Read More…]

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WMATA Approves Fare Increase to Avoid Service Cuts

On Thursday, the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority’s board approved a 10-cent increase on Metrobus, Metrorail and MetroAccess fares. The new fares will be in effect until the end of June to avoid service cuts. The resolution proposed by board member Chris Zimmerman of Arlington, Va., does not call for[Read More…]

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