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Faith Looms Large Over Notre Dame Traditions

God and football — those are the reasons why I love Notre Dame. The relationship seems strange: I do not go to school there, I am not from the Midwest, I am not Irish nor am I a huge college football fan. And the team has been seriously jinxed in[Read More…]

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TV Favorites Return This Summer

TV Favorites Return This Summer

Summer: It’s a season filled with cookouts, beach trips and time by the pool. It’s also a season marked by the quintessential summer blockbuster. Action films with big explosions and even bigger budgets draw viewers to theaters en masse after the sun sets and the grill cools. Between The Avengers,[Read More…]

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Shaking the Empire State of Mind: Life Doesn’t Happen Just in NYC

I grew up in New York City. The first six years of my life were spent in Queens, home of my beloved Mets, and then my family moved in with my grandma in Brooklyn where we’ve lived ever since. Before I came to Georgetown, I didn’t know anyone who lived outside the Tri-state[Read More…]

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There’s More to This Name Than You Think There Is

As I sat on a bench in the men’s locker room at Yates, I received multiple text messages from Sarah Amos, the senior editor of the guide, asking me for a name for my television-based column. The original name was “Pigeon Drop-Ins.” Here’s my rationale: My last name, which is “Piccione” for those[Read More…]

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Surprisingly Solid Lineup for Fall Television

For those who remember how terrible the majority of the new shows were last fall, it will come as a relief that this new season will usher in a multitude of promising new programs.J.J. Abrams, the creator of “Lost,” and Jonathan Nolan, the writer of “Memento,” bring to CBS perhaps[Read More…]

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Season of Terrific Television

Season of Terrific Television

Now that the season finales of our favorite spring shows have aired, it’s time to focus on what’s ahead of us: the new shows of summer 2011! Beyond the insane amount of programming that has titles similar to “Fat People Losing Weight,” there are actually some hidden gems among the[Read More…]

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Change the Channel

For college students eager to savor any opportunity to relax, access to quality cable TV is a perennial concern. The university has long offered a single cable option to students living in on-campus residence halls and apartments. Last year’s campus-wide switch to provider RCN, however, leaves us asking for more.[Read More…]

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