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Experts Call for Universities to Study China’s Soft-Power Influence on Campuses Better

Experts Call for Universities to Study China’s Soft-Power Influence on Campuses Better

To address China’s growing soft power influence on student groups at colleges around the country, universities must understand the context of the situation fully before taking action, said Robert Sutter, the director of the B.A. in International Affairs at The George Washington University, at an event Tuesday hosted by the[Read More…]

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Online Gizmo for Aid Packages Faces Skeptics

Colleges and universities will be required by law to post net price calculators allowing students to estimate the cost of matriculation on their websites by October 2011. But striking a balance between simplicity and accuracy in online net cost calculators poses a challenge for universities like Georgetown, where methods for[Read More…]

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Local Colleges Rated Liberal

Georgetown may be undermining its Catholic heritage as part of a broader liberalization trend at D.C. universities, says one report commissioned by Campus Reform, a conservative action network. Among D.C. universities surveyed, The George Washington University was rated most conservative, while Howard University was deemed the most liberal. The Catholic[Read More…]

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How Can Universities Use Their Megaphones’

There is nothing like a good bout of the flu (which I suspect my students have generously shared with me) to make one consider the meaning of life and other elevated thoughts. My particular elevated thought today involves a question that we all have probably asked at one time or[Read More…]

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