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EDITORIAL: Cancel Pre-Thanksgiving Class

A disjointed policy regarding the week of Thanksgiving break leaves Georgetown University students frustrated and stressed. Under current policy, Georgetown observes a four-day weekend for Thanksgiving, cancelling classes on the holiday and the Friday after. The Wednesday before, however, carries a full academic schedule. This policy, much maligned by students[Read More…]

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Scenes and Lessons in an Italian Bar

In the middle of Fiesole, there is a little bar that promises “the best Guinness in Italy” and takes claim to the time-honored tradition of the poorly lit Irish pub. The Guinness was okay; the rest of the beers were better. I did not speak a lick of Italian, the[Read More…]

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24 Hours in Dublin

Dublin is currently experiencing a period of significant economic and cultural growth. The walkable and tourist-friendly city is a fascinating amalgamation of old and new, blending tradition with modernity. You could spend months simply exploring all the nooks and crannies of culture and entertainment that the city has to offer,[Read More…]

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A Home of Fear, Warmth, Conflict and Joy

A Home of Fear, Warmth, Conflict and Joy

My most distinct memory of the Middle East is of a soldier who did not wear a military uniform but instead a royal blue polo. I’m not sure why he was dressed differently, but he carried himself differently as well. His obsidian eyes pierced mine through the car window, a[Read More…]

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Step One: Reflection

Step One: Reflection

Whether you are burned out, running on an adrenaline rush from your great grades or feeling stressed and pressured about your summer internship, you should take some time to recover from the year. Amid homework, projects and social events during the school year, there is little time to break and[Read More…]

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Day Trips

Day Trips

Being in the District can be great, but here are some fantastic day trips for the inner adventurer in each of us. Baltimore, Maryland Approximately 45 miles from D.C. Just a MARC train away from Washington, Baltimore is one of the nation’s biggest seaports and a center of scholarly study.[Read More…]

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2015-16 Schedule Altered

Georgetown students will enjoy an extra two days of rest during the next academic year because of a scheduling phenomenon that occurs once every seven years. The 2015 winter break will last a total of 21 days, up from the 19-day break that students received following the fall 2014 semester.[Read More…]

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A Wasted Wednesday

For the majority of undergraduates, making it home in time for Thanksgiving dinner later this month will require significant time spent in a car, bus, train, airplane or some combination of the above. This time is usually spent the day before Thanksgiving, a day on which the university holds classes.[Read More…]

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Despite what movies like "Adventureland" promise, not all dull jobs turn into something exciting.

The Downside of Summer

We all dream of summer vacation. And in part, our ideas of what those long, free days will hold are shaped by the countless movies we’ve seen about the adventures that can happen in this wonderfully unpredictable time. From movies like “Adventureland” that promise us that even a dull holiday[Read More…]

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Girls’ Getaway in Thailand’s Untouched Paradise

Last week, I found myself on a vacation within my summer vacation. While I had already visited Bangkok from my seasonal home in Myanmar, I ended up in another part of Thailand, albeit a place a little less explored. In an effort for to discover a new part of the[Read More…]

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