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CARNES: Discerning New Priorities

CARNES: Discerning New Priorities

On banners and in New Student Orientation talks, in classes and on retreats, we proudly proclaim the values of the Spirit of Georgetown. Many of us can rattle off these values: cura personalis, people for others, interreligious understanding and all the rest. We take them as a common reference point,[Read More…]

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VIEWPOINT: In Defense of Lives Worth Living

At Georgetown, a Jesuit and Catholic university, the most cogent argument against physician-assisted suicide for those who espouse our values is that it is morally wrong, a clear violation of the commandment not to kill oneself or others. But, as befitting an academic environment, the case can be made without[Read More…]

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Rising Prices, Failing Values

For as long as I can remember, I have dreamed of coming to Georgetown. After being turned away my senior year of high school, I applied again and was accepted as a sophomore transfer student. Almost immediately after the shock and excitement of receiving my letter had passed, my heart[Read More…]

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Veterans Affairs Secretary Shares Leadership Values

Secretary of Veterans Affairs Robert McDonald emphasized the need for values-based leadership to find individual and team success to a crowd of about 150 in Gaston Hall on Friday. Former Secretary of Defense and Distinguished Executive in Residence at Georgetown Chuck Hagel introduced McDonald. “To take the job that Bob[Read More…]

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The Catholic Vision of Sexuality

As a recent alumnus who “feels that Georgetown must change to include more church teaching,” I very much appreciated Lexi Dever’s viewpoint (“The Georgetown That Saved Me,” Oct. 30, 2015, The Hoya). I am glad that Dever has found a home on the Hilltop; Georgetown is in need of a[Read More…]

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NGUYEN: Narrow American Principles

NGUYEN: Narrow American Principles

There’s no hope for the rest of us. By that, I mean anyone whose heritage, values and principles are not wholly consistent with what are deemed “American” principles. That is what I got out of Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson’s recent interview on “Meet the Press,” during which he insinuated[Read More…]

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CIESEMIER & SQUIRES: To Georgetown’s Jesuit Character, With Love

CIESEMIER & SQUIRES: To Georgetown’s Jesuit Character, With Love

It is February, friends. Love is in the air all around, and Georgetown’s campus is no exception. We considered writing about our own love lives, but quickly realized that it would be the shortest column in the history of The Hoya. So instead, we dedicate this Valentine’s Day column to[Read More…]

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Sharing a Jesuit History With Japan

Sharing a Jesuit History With Japan

For two days last week, the campus enjoyed a remarkable moment in international and intra-Jesuit relations. Sophia University’s president, vice president and Jesuit chancellor led a delegation of faculty and students to Georgetown, where we joined in celebrating our sister Jesuit university’s centennial anniversary. I’d like to offer some reflections[Read More…]

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Millennial Fellows Examine College Students’ Values

This semester, three Georgetown students attempted to gauge the values of the current college-aged generation through the Millennial Values Fellows program offered by the Berkeley Center for Religion, Peace and World Affairs. The fellowship culminated in the Millennial Values Symposium, a conference for students around the country to discuss the intersection of[Read More…]

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Missing the Point of the Game

To the Editor,   Sunday, I groggily yet eagerly boarded the bus to New York City at 5:40 a.m., excited for my first Georgetown basketball road trip to watch the Hoyas play St. John’s. Wearing my “We Are Georgetown” T-shirt, I marched — beaming with pride — with the herd[Read More…]

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