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TAIM FALAFEL/INSTAGRAM | New York City-based Taïm Falafel opened a new location on Wisconsin Ave this week with a variety of vegetarian and vegan options.

NYC Falafel Chain Opens in Georgetown

Highly anticipated New York City falafel chain Taïm Falafel opened its first Washington, D.C. location on Wisconsin Avenue on Aug. 31. Israeli chefs Einat Admony and Stéfan Nafziger founded the first Taïm Falafel in Manhattan 14 years ago, but the Georgetown spot is the first location outside of New York,[Read More…]

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NATALIE ISÉ/THE HOYA Vegan chocolate chip cookies produced by Renewal Mill, a startup company run by Caroline Cotto (NHS '14), are now available for purchase at Vital Vittles.

Alumna-Run Startup Produces Vegan Cookies, Now Sold at Vital Vittles

Vital Vittles is now selling an environmentally sustainable, vegan chocolate chip cookie produced by an alumna’s startup company, Renewal Mill. Caroline Cotto (NHS ’14), who majored in health science at Georgetown University, is the chief operating officer of Renewal Mill. The entirely female-operated company, founded in 2016, strives to create[Read More…]

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MEATLESS MENUS: NuVegan Cafe’s Vegan Soul Food Is a Tasty Oxymoron

MEATLESS MENUS: NuVegan Cafe’s Vegan Soul Food Is a Tasty Oxymoron

I’ll admit I was skeptical of NuVegan Cafe at first. For one, the Georgia Avenue restaurant’s name, which sounds like it was plucked from a dystopian sci-fi novel, does it no favors. What’s more, vegan soul food — NuVegan’s specialty — sounds like an affront to both vegan cuisine and[Read More…]

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Veggie Burgers That Bleed

Veggie Burgers That Bleed

Finding a good veggie burger is tough. No, it’s not impossible — gone are the days when the vegetarian options were limited to Boca and black bean burgers. However, the veggie burger has always been more of a polite gesture than a serious attempt at anything, and finding one that[Read More…]

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BAKE MY DAY: Going Vegan For Dummies

BAKE MY DAY: Going Vegan For Dummies

My spring fast this year was spiritual. People usually expect fasting to reflect a believer’s intention to inch closer to the beyond, God, in accordance to what many, including professor Ori Soltes, would call the “divine sacer.” I have a life philosophy that revolves somewhat around this understanding: People need[Read More…]

Living and Eating Like a Real Man

“Since I am not a rabbit, no, I will not be eating salad,” remarked Ron Swanson, the loveable, rugged individualist from NBC’s “Parks and Recreation.” Sure, Swanson is a caricature. But aspects of his comically masculine eating habits are based closely on reality. While eating at O’Donovan Hall recently, I[Read More…]

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M Street’s newest organic foods store hopes to transform the way people see nutrition by offering accessible and healthy alternative options.

Organic Food Store Aims to Inspire Healthy Diets

“Whole Foods meets McDonald’s”— that’s how Denise Hicks, the founder of the organic foods store Postmodern Foods, described her latest storefront. Located at 2920 M St. NW, the store is just over a month old, yet its young founder and CEO has a strong vision for the identity and mission[Read More…]

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Vegan Restaurant Brings West Coast Vibes to D.C.

Vegan Restaurant Brings West Coast Vibes to D.C.

★★★★☆ $$ Immediately walking through the front doors of Native Foods, the brightly colored hues splattered across the walls catch the eyes of patrons, blending together simplistic artwork with inspirational quotes. This storefront in Penn Quarter, overlooking the Navy Memorial, is one of two new locations nestled in the heart[Read More…]

Healthy Eatery Offers Savory Vegan Options

Healthy Eatery Offers Savory Vegan Options

4/5 stars $$ The hardest part of adopting a vegan diet has been making sure to get enough protein, and although Leo’s offers a surprising amount of options — edamame, tofu and beans are quick go-tos — I can only sustain a Leo’s diet for so long before I begin to crave food[Read More…]

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